Jon King Chose The Stage Name As A King Kyote After Being Inspired By Coyotes

Fans are raving about the American Song Contest, a one-of-a-kind music competition. It is definitely significant for one of its single candidates, King Kyote, formerly known as Jon King, who was invited by the show’s producers to compete in one of the most prestigious music contests.

The American Song Contest is a Eurovision-inspired singing competition in which participants represent 50 states and six territories of the United States individually in the form of a solo, duet, or band. Each week, contestants play original songs in an attempt to win the country’s vote. The winner will earn the title as well as a large monetary award.

Coyotes influenced King Kyote’s American Song Contest.

Jon King, a 33-year-old musician, selected the moniker King Kyote after being inspired by coyotes. He was inspired by coyotes after reading a lot about them and their ability to survive even in harsh circumstances in the wild, akin to the deep forests of Maine.

king kyote

All About King Kyote

The Maine native was born in 1988 in York, Portland, in a home filled with hundreds of guitars. When he was in junior high school, King nurtured and reinforced his passion for music by taking music classes. He was greatly influenced by music luminaries such as Howlin’ Wolf, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Marley, who created the groundwork for rock and other genres. He’d also go to Bull Moose Music and get CDs by Maine favorites like Rustic Overtones of Portland and Jeremiah Freed.

Over the years, King has performed at numerous major venues and local Maine festivals, as well as with many notable artists such as Ghost of Paul Revere, Rustic Overtones, and The Mallet Brothers Band. The American Song Contest candidate resides in Maine and describes his hometown as a welcoming environment for aspiring vocalists interested in performing various forms of rock music. When the creators of NBC’s music competition contacted King Kyote, he couldn’t believe it. In an interview with NBC, he said,

“It’s one of the lesser-known states, but the skill and songwriting are outstanding.”

king kyote

Furthermore, according to the show’s press release, his skill is as follows:

“Reminiscent of a night of whiskey drinking in a Maine woods cabin, King mimics the cries of rock ‘n’ roll’s predecessors while having a deeply rooted harmony with roots rock, singer-songwriter, and folk genres.”

The next episode of the American Song Contest will be broadcast on March 28 at 8 p.m. EST.

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