JoJo Siwa Discloses Her New Girlfriend Avery Cyrus On TikTok After Kylie Prew’s Split

JoJo Siwa is the “happiest girl,” but her admirers do not seem to be feeling the same way. The pansexual dancer and social media sensation recently introduced her new lover on TikTok, and it was precisely who her admirers had predicted. She confirmed her new relationship with Avery Cyrus, a long-time partner. However, although the discovery may not have come as a surprise to her most ardent supporters, they are undoubtedly angered by it. And it seems to have nothing to do with Siwa, but rather with Cyrus.

Jojo Siwa’s New Girlfriend Is Avery Cyrus

Siwa made her affair with Cyrus public on September 13, 2022, with an internet-breaking TikTok. Siwa captioned the video, which showed the two having fun shooting lovely images at an arcade photo booth, “Happiest girl.” She interspersed the footage with photos from the booth, one of which showed the two kissings.

JoJo Siwa

This post comes just days after Cyrus made her own Instagram picture dump, most of which featured her with Siwa. Siwa and Cyrus have been working together on TikTok for quite some time. However, before to the aforementioned TikTok, neither of them made any overt references to their growing affair. On September 4, 2022, they even posted a lip-sync video in which they joked about being “platonic.”

Fans are outraged over Jojo Siwa’s new girlfriend and relationship.

While Siwa, who self-identifies as ‘gay’ and ‘queer,’ just made the relationship public on September 13, her supporters had speculations about them dating for a long time. Many comments on her introduction video indicate people’s amazement.

“I KNEW IT,” the video’s top comment said. Another person said, “It was so clear.” Among these and other remarks welcoming the new couple, several people expressed their discontent with Siwa’s relationship and its timing of it.

“When two couples split up and end up establishing a new pair,” one person said, referring to the fact that both Siwa and Cyrus just ended their respective relationships. “Traitor by Olivia was just about to play when this song came on,” another joked, while a third inquired, “Has it even been a month?”

JoJo Siwa

They were pointing fingers at Cyrus, who had just broken up with her ex-girlfriend, Soph Mosca. They had been dating for nearly two years and even lived together at one point. Cyrus and Mosca announced their split in early August and started to feature often on Siwa’s social media.

Siwa and her ex-girlfriend, Kylie Prew, divorced in June 2022. That was their second breakup in their two-year-long on-again, off-again romance. They split for the first time in November 2021 but reunited after months of conjecture in April 2022. She was also said to have dated other individuals during their breakup, but nothing came of it. Siwa and Prew ended their relationship amicably.

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