Johnny Harper- All About The Father Of Saweetie

Johnny Harper is well-known as the father of Saweetie, an American rapper, musician, fashion designer, actor, and social media influencer. He was born on October 29, 1973. He comes from a sporting family. He grew up among his eight siblings. He used to play football when he was little. He used to play football at San Jose State. He is of mixed ethnic origin. He’s of African-American ancestry.He is married to Trinidad Valentin and has three children with her.

Quick Facts

Full Name Johnny Harper
First Name Johnny
Last Name Harper
Profession Celebrity Father
Nationality American
Ethnicity African-American
Birth Country United States
Gender Identity Male
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Scorpio
Marital Status Married
Spouse Trinidad Valentin
No Of Children 3
Date of Birth October 29,1973
Age 48 years


Saweetie is presently single and is not dating anybody. She used to be in a relationship with Quavo. When she first met and dated him, he was her ideal partner. But the duo split up since things couldn’t work out between them because Quavo was unfaithful in their relationship. She was under the impression that her relationship with Quavo would endure forever. It was tough for her, but she learned from her mistakes and has gone on with her life.

Johnny Harper

Prior to Fame

Saweetie is one of the most well-known people. Her debut song video had over 65 million views. She became a very popular celebrity. She was able to pursue her interest in rapping while in middle school, although it was not an easy process for her to do so. She enrolled in college at USC and took on many jobs. She utilized social media as a platform to attain her goals. Her parents, Johnny Harper and Trinidad Valentin, gave birth to her on July 2nd. Her twin sisters, Maya and Milan, reared her in Harvard, California. Her cousins are Gabrielle Union and Zaytoven.

She decided she wanted to be a rapper when she was 14 years old. She went to the city, graduated, and worked a variety of jobs, but she was still unhappy since she was not fulfilling her dream. She did not have access to studios or music equipment, so she demonstrated her skills via social media. She began sharing her videos on Instagram. She was abruptly approached by her manager, who instructed her to shoot a video. She recorded it and titled it Icy Grl, which became quite popular. It was even carried on TV and radio, despite the fact that it was only available online. This music video paved the way for her popularity. Following that, she began performing numerous performances and attending major events.

Fascinating Facts

His daughter rose to prominence with the premiere of her music video, Icy Grl. She graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Communications and Business. Regardless of how difficult things are, she always maintains a good attitude. Nicki Minaj was a tremendous admirer of hers and an inspiration to her. She was a self-sufficient lady who had no time for anything else. She is one of the most important people, has affected many people’s fashion style, dance, and many other aspects.

She Talks About Her Favorite Things

Saweetie enjoys doing her nails. She spends a lot of money on getting her nails to look nice. She is a fashionable woman. She enjoys dressing up and desires a stylish appearance. She is quite particular about her clothing. One of her favorite meals is Costco Hot Dogs.

Johnny Harper

The Most Interesting Facts About His Daughter

Diamonte Quiava Valentin Harper is his daughter’s true birth name. Her grandma gave her this name. She finished her degree before entering the world of music. She’s worked at a strip joint. In an interview with The Shade Room, she disclosed this position. She is a serious foodie. She posts a lot of videos of herself trying different recipes and has a lot of food on her social media account. Her cousin is Gabrielle Union, who is well-known in the entertainment sector. Trinidad Valentin, her mother, was also active in the music business, working as a model for music videos. Aside from singing, she can also act well. Johnny’s net worth has not been disclosed. His daughter, on the other hand, has a net worth of $4 million. She gets money from her professional job and brand endorsements.

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