John Harwood A Well-Known Journalist Has Departed From CNN

John Harwood, a well-known journalist, just quit CNN. He announced the news in a tweet, stating that he is excited to see what happens next. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, a CNN representative stated:

“We appreciate John’s coverage of the White House and wish him the best.”

The reasons for Harwood’s departure are unclear, however, according to his contract, he has some time to remain with the organization. According to a source, they were also informed of CNN’s decision last month. After Brian Stelter left CNN and the station announced the end of his program, Reliable Sources, John departed. Chris Licht, CNN’s new president, was given a directive from his corporate masters at Warner Bros. Discovery to eliminate opinion-based programs and concentrate more on hard news.

The career of John Harwood at CNN

In January 2020, John Harwood left CNBC to join CNN. He was well-known for attacking President Donald Trump and the Republican Party in 2019, claiming that it was fundamentally flawed. Harwood has even conducted political analysis since Joe Biden became president. During his primetime address on September 1, Biden labeled MAGA Republicans a danger to America’s democratic ideals. Harwood concurred and stated:

“It is indisputably true that Biden believes Trump and hardline Republicans constitute a danger to American democracy.”

John Harwood

On his final appearance on CNN on September 2, he stated that doing something like this as a journalist is difficult. He said:

“We’ve been taught that there are two political parties with opposing viewpoints, and we don’t take sides in genuine disagreements between them.” But that is not what we are discussing. These are genuine differences. The Republican Party is currently led by a deceptive demagogue.”

Every detail about John Harwood is known.

John Harwood worked as a copy boy for the Washington Star in high school. Following his graduation from college, Harwood worked for the St. Petersburg Times before covering the final years of South African apartheid. Harwood worked as a Wall Street Journal White House correspondent and Capitol Hill correspondent in 1991. In 1997, he was appointed political editor and chief political correspondent. In March 2006, he became the chief Washington correspondent for CNBC.

John Harwood
John has appeared on the PBS show Washington Week, as well as NBC’s Meet the Press and MSNBC’s Morning Joe. In October 2015, he moderated the Republican presidential primary debate on CNBC. In February 2020, he was chastised for claiming that President Donald Trump was under severe psychological stress following the press conference following the United States Senate’s decision to acquit him on both articles of impeachment.

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