John Eastman Passed Away At The Age Of 83

Paul McCartney, John Eastman’s brother-in-law, recently paid homage to him on social media after his death on August 9. According to the post,

“John Eastman, my lovely brother-in-law, has died.” “After knowing each other for almost 50 years, this is a very sad moment for me and our families.”

McCartney described John as one of the sweetest and brightest guys he had ever met. He added that John assisted him with his business transactions as his lawyer and that everyone enjoyed his sense of humor. The author continued,

“We had so many good moments together throughout the years, but when it came to business, he was invincible.” There is so much more to say about his outstanding traits, but words can scarcely explain his zest for life and our love for this magnificent guy.”

John Eastman

Everything there is to know about John Eastman

John Eastman was The Beatles’ attorney, and his sister Linda Eastman was married to Paul McCartney, one of the band’s members. According to the NYU School of Law profile, John represented the estate of painter Francis Bacon and the family of artist Willem de Kooning. In 2004, he told NYU law students that they had the potential to influence the things that matter to them and the fortitude not to be co-opted but to be who they want to be.

When the organization broke, the members sought the experienced advice of John and his father Lee. At the time, Paul was John’s brother-in-law and Lee’s son-in-law. Paul also has two in-law sisters, Laura and Louise Jr. Linda and Paul married at a ceremony in London in March 1969. Linda and John initially met in 1967 when Linda was on duty at a Georgia Fame performance. Through Linda’s marriage to Paul, John had three nieces, Heather, Mary, and Stella, as well as a nephew, James. Linda, on the other hand, died in April 1998, at the age of 56, after a fight with breast cancer.

John Eastman

In 2021, John also paid $26.5 million for a condominium near Central Park, which he shared with his wife. On August 9, John died of pancreatic cancer, leaving behind his wife, Jodie Eastman. Despite being associated with a prominent band, John does not have a Wikipedia page, therefore details regarding his date of birth, profession, and educational background are unclear.

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