Joey Lawrence And His Fiancée Samantha Cope Got Married

Joey Lawrence just married his fiancée, Samantha Cope, on May 1. Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, California, hosted the wedding ceremony. In a recent interview, Lawrence stated:

“It simply seems so natural. Life might be difficult at times, but it is well worth it when God provides you with the proper person.”

The couple’s close friends and family members, including the groom’s brothers, Matthew Lawrence and Andrew Lawrence, and Joey’s kids from his previous marriage, Charleston and Liberty, attended the ceremony. Heather Christian Folger of HCD Weddings & Events arranged the ceremony. Following the ceremony, a farm-to-table supper of filet, mahi-mahi, and roasted chicken was served.

Joey Lawrence’s dating history

Joey Lawrence married Michelle Vella for the first time in 2002, and the pair divorced in 2005. In July 2005, the actor married his second wife, Chandie Yawn-Nelson. Joey and Chandie met as adolescents while on vacation at Disney World. Lawrence and Yawn-Nelson declared bankruptcy in 2017. According to reports, the matter was resolved the next year, and Lawrence filed for divorce in July 2020. Liberty Grace Lawrence and Charleston “Charli” Lawrence are the couple’s two children.

joey lawrence

In August 2021, the musician confirmed his engagement to Samantha Cope. Joey and Charleston met on the set of a Lifetime movie directed by Joey’s brother Andrew and starring his daughter Charleston. Prior to their marriage, the pair discussed their relationship in an interview, and Cope said,

“It was such a secure environment to be myself from day one.” He adores everything about me and revels in my eccentricities. I consider myself really fortunate to have been in a position to accept such an honor. “After two weeks, I was like, ‘I’ll be with you forever.’”

Lawrence, in the meanwhile, said

“When you meet the right person, if you’re fortunate enough, it gets straight to the point.” I have a friend who is like-minded and speaks the same love language as I do, and we communicate in the same manner. That is really crucial. And I’m grateful.”

joey lawrence

Joey Lawrence first appeared on television in the 1980s in the comedies Blossom and Melissa & Joey. He’s featured in films such as Summer Rental and Oliver & Company.

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