Joel Greenberg Was Sentenced To 11 years In Prison For Child Trafficking

Joel Greenberg, a former Florida tax collector, was sentenced to 11 years in jail for child trafficking. He is also facing a number of additional federal counts. Joel Greenberg pled guilty to multiple offenses in May 2021, including child trafficking, stalking, identity theft, and others. His offenses allegedly earned a penalty of about 27 years in jail, which was reduced to 11 years in prison. Rep. Matt Gaetz’s colleague was Joel Greenberg. Greenberg has agreed to participate in the FBI investigation into the Congressman.

Joel Greenberg was first charged with about 33 federal offenses.

In 2021, Congressman Matt Gaetz (39) is said to have faced an investigation over alleged sexual contact with a child (a 17-year-old girl). According to ABC News, Gaetz met the girl via Greenberg. The probe started in the latter months of Trump’s presidency.

Gaetz’s probe, according to police, was part of a larger investigation into Joel Greenberg, who was charged with child trafficking at the time. At the time, Greenberg and Gaetz were good friends. Matt Gaetz, the Congressman, denied any misconduct and said during an interview:

“I just know it has something to do with ladies.” I suspect that someone is attempting to reclassify my kindness to ex-girlfriends as something more sinister.”

Joel Greenberg

In reality, he added:

“When I learned about some of Greenberg’s wrongdoings, I profoundly regretted my connection with him.” I feel it is fair for the people of northwest Florida to evaluate me based on my relationships, and I greatly regret my political, social, and other ties with Joel Greenberg.”

Greenberg rose to prominence during this inquiry. He went on:

“Nothing excuses what I’ve done. My behavior is so heinous. “I’m sorry for what I’ve done.”

Greenberg was first charged with around 33 federal offenses. In May of last year, he pled guilty to six of them. Greenberg pled guilty to stalking, identity theft, wire fraud, conspiracy to bribe a public official, and one count of child trafficking, among other crimes. Matt Gaetz maintained his innocence at all times. He said in an interview with Fox News:

“I continue to assert my innocence.”

Greenberg was sentenced to 11 years in jail in Florida on December 1, 2022, after participating in the investigation of Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Prosecutors stated:

“It seems that the best way to safeguard the public from Greenberg and dissuade him from future criminal behavior is for him to stay in jail.” This will not only dissuade Greenberg from further illegal behavior, but it will also send a message to others that public officials are not above the law.”

The judge said he hasn’t encountered a case like this in 22 years.

The inquiry and probe against Gaetz have now been put on hold, and authorities are more worried about the case’s key witnesses, notably Joel Greenberg. Greenberg was charged with fraud in 2020. He is accused of defrauding the Seminole County Tax Office of thousands of dollars. It was also discovered that he was active on a self-described “sugar daddy” website using the office’s credit card.

Greenberg was sentenced by Judge Presnell, who stated:

“In 22 years, I’ve never seen anything like this.” I’ve never seen a defendant conduct so many different sorts of offenses in such a short period of time.”

Joel Greenberg

He went on to say:

“We have no linked offenses.” There is no precedence for the variety of offenses to which Greenberg pleaded guilty.”

Greenberg’s attorney, Fritz Scheller, expressed worry about the authorities’ failure to take action against the persons Greenberg has accused as part of his cooperation. The lawyer stated:

“If the government is so concerned about deterrence, why hasn’t it prosecuted the other people, including prominent personalities, who were also complicit in Greenberg’s offenses?” Perhaps the DOJ is a brilliant tactician well above the undersigned’s ability. Or maybe the DOJ is like Nero, tinkering away while Rome burns.”

Greenberg’s assistance, according to Scheller, resulted in several arrests and prosecutions, mainly in the child trafficking case. Joel Greenberg was supposedly connected to numerous Florida politicians, although they have yet to be discovered or named. According to an investigation conducted by the Orlando Sentinel in 2019, Joel spent around $3.5 million on salary for friends and colleagues, weaponry, body armor, and other items. He reportedly also handed his groomsmen $644,000 and spent a total of $677,000 on a campaign advisor.

Officials also discovered many phony IDs at Joel’s residence. Prior to being charged with child trafficking in August, he was convicted of stalking a political opponent who was a teacher. He allegedly accused them of sexual wrongdoing as well. Greenberg’s whole term as a tax collector was marred by scandal. Joel Greenberg has been accused of several wrongdoings, ranging from letting office workers carry firearms to utilizing his badge as a law enforcement shield and pulling down a vehicle for speeding.

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