JM Canlas Death: How Did He Die? Cause of Death And Movies TV Shows

JM Canlas was a well-known Filipino actor, well known for his roles in “Team Yey” and “Kiko Boksingero.” He was born on January 1, 2006, and he started performing at a young age. JM Canlas died tragically on August 3, 2023, at the age of 17. His passing has left a vacuum in the entertainment business, particularly among his followers. The reason for the death of JM Canlas has yet to be determined, however, his brother Elijah Canlas has hinted at mental health issues.


JM Canlas was a well-known figure in the Philippines. His energetic performances and endearing demeanor made him a fan favorite. His most well-known parts were in the television programs “Team Yey” and “Kiko Boksingero.”

JM Canlas Bio

JM Canlas, who was born in Quezon City, has always had a penchant for acting. He began his career in the entertainment sector when he was ten years old. His career evolved with him, resulting in numerous accomplishments and accolades.

JM Canlas

JM Canlas’s Cause of Death

JM Canlas’s death has yet to be formally determined. JM was battling with mental health concerns, according to his brother. This has highlighted the significance of mental health assistance, especially in the entertainment sector.

JM Canlas Movies and TV Shows

JM Canlas’s resume includes a number of well-known television series. He was a key member of “Team Yey” and appeared in “Kiko Boksingero.” His roles were defined by zeal and dedication, earning him a place in many people’s hearts.

JM Canlas and Team Yey

“Team Yey” beautifully highlighted JM Canlas’ skills. His presence in the program from 2017 until 2023 helped it become a success with young audiences. He was instrumental in making a favorable influence on the audience via this show.

Instagram & Images of JM Canlas

JM Canlas’ Instagram account, which has over 100,000 followers, provided a glimpse into his lively existence. He often posted pictures of his family, business, and trips. His postings on the site reflected his outgoing attitude.

Movies and TV Shows starring Elijah Canlas

JM Canlas’s older brother, Elijah Canlas, is also a well-known actor. He is most known for his performances in “MMK” and “Love or Money,” and he has actively promoted mental health awareness. His friendship with JM was both professional and personal.

JM Canlas’s Untimely Death

JM Canlas’ premature death devastated his fans and the music business. His death underlines the need of mental health care. JM Canlas’s cause of death serves as a melancholy reminder of the hidden hardships that many people confront.

JM Canlas

Cast Members of Team Yey

Other significant cast members of “Team Yey” were Miles Ocampo, Kiray Celis, Maris Racal, Andrea Brillantes, and Seth Fedelin. Each contributed something unique to the program, making it a fan favorite among its intended demographic.


The life and work of JM Canlas have left an everlasting influence on the entertainment business. His early death at the age of 17 is a heartbreaking loss. Although the cause of death for JM Canlas has not been formally determined, it alludes to underlying concerns that need immediate care.

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