Jim Larranaga- The Head Coach Of The Miami Hurricanes

In the United States, Jim Larranaga is the head men’s basketball coach of the University of Miami. His wife, Liz Larranaga, has been kept out of the spotlight. However, we will provide you with pertinent information about her here.

Meet Jim Larranaga’s Wife Liz Larraaga:

Miami FL Head Coach Jim Larranaga’s wife, Liz Larraaga, has been married to him since 1971. The head coach of the Miami Dolphins has been married to his spouse for more than 50 years. Jim met Liz in their Bronx neighborhood in the early 1960s, according to player wives. Larranaga’s wife used to attend the Bronx Irish Center for community dances at the time.

 Jim Larranaga
Jim Larranaga

He invited her to dance, and she was amazed by his abilities, according to the story. Before Jim asked her out, they ran into each other a few more times. They dated until Jim began his first year of college at Providence College. According to the article, Liz was poor and unable to attend college, so she went to work for the NYC Department of Relocation.

Jim and Liz met two years later at another dance and later committed to a long-distance relationship. In 1971, the pair married after a few years of dating. Following their marriage, they moved to North Carolina so Jim could begin his coaching career as an assistant coach at Davidson College.

Liz had remarked that she knew exactly what kind of life she and her husband would have when they married: one based on basketball. Though there isn’t much information on Larranaga’s partner, she is frequently spotted with him during games. As soon as we have more information on the couple, we will notify you.

Jim Larranaga’s Family And Children

Because Jim Larranaga does not publish much on Instagram, his family and children have always been a source of fascination for his admirers. Jay and Jon, who are in their mid-40s, are their two fully grown sons. Jon is just an ordinary dad trying to make ends meet while raising his children. Jay, on the other side, works for the Boston Celtics as an assistant coach.

“It’s a much more exciting time of year when poppy’s team is still playing,” [email protected] assistant Jay Larranaga’s son.

With Jim Larranaga’s Miami gunning for the #FinalFour, Jay speaks about the family business and texts pinging between dads and sons. Larranaga began his first season with the Boston Celtics as an assistant coach in 2012. For the previous two seasons, he was the head coach of the NBA Development League’s Erie BayHawks.

Larranaga led the BayHawks to consecutive postseason appearances in each of the last two seasons, collecting a 60–40 regular-season record. He also set team records for career wins (60), season wins (32), and player call-ups (12).

Jay married Sarah Larranaga in 2017 and has two children, Tia and James, from a previous marriage.

Jim Larranaga’s Net Worth in 2023: What Is The Miami Head Coach’s Net Worth?
Jim Larranaga’s net worth is predicted to be $3 million as of May 2023. He has been the head men’s basketball coach at the University of Miami since 2011.

He has undoubtedly amassed a fortune throughout his ten years as a head coach. However, he has never released any information regarding his money and holdings to date.

He also prefers to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight of social media. He has earned a number of accolades and recognitions in addition to the money. In 2013, Larranaga was elected national coach of the year three times, and as a head coach, he has won over 600 games. As soon as we have further information about the coach, we will contact you.

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