Jim Chapman Married His Long-Term Girlfriend Sarah Tarleton In A Secret Courthouse Ceremony

Jim Chapman married his long-term fiancée, Sarah Tarleton, in a secret courthouse ceremony on Monday, ahead of their wedding party in Spain. Six months ago, the couple welcomed their daughter into the world. The couple shared the news of their surprise wedding at the Santa Barbara Courthouse in California on Instagram on Tuesday, March 29.

A Look Into Jim Chapman and Sarah Tarleton’s relationship

Sarah Tarleton posted some beautiful photos from their wedding ceremony, captioning the post:

“Mr and Mrs Chapman, 28.3.2022, Santa Barbara Courthouse We chose to be married and conduct the papers before our wedding party in Spain. The best day ever spent together, and the most wonderful evening spent with friends and relatives in Los Angeles.”


The first photo shows the newlyweds having a sweet kiss, while the others show them with their 6-month-old daughter Margot. Jim Chapman looked dapper in a navy blue pinstriped suit and brown loafers for the occasion. The bride wore a stunning long-sleeved, collared white gown with red heart embellishments and black stiletto heels. Margot matched her father’s outfit with a white and blue striped dress and a pink cardigan. Chapman shared another close-up of their daughter, Margot, on their wedding day, surrounded on each side by her loving parents.

Sarah Tarleton

Jim Chapman, 34, of YouTube fame, and Anglo-Indian model Sarah Tarleton, 28, of London, have been engaged since July 2020. They started dating in June 2019, three months after the former divorced his three-year marriage, fellow YouTuber Tanya Burr. Before their wedding, Chapman and Burr had been together for 12 years. Burr addressed the divide for the first time in November 2020, stating,

“He remains my best buddy. People will expect some drama from us since we’ve been best friends for 12 years. We’ll hopefully always be in one other’s lives.”

She was saddened by the rumors surrounding their breakup, calling it “awful and dreadful,” but she insisted that what mattered most was what she and Chapman believed.

Tarleton’s pregnancy was revealed in March 2021 by the pair.

On March 1, 2021, the couple announced on Instagram that they were expecting a child together.

According to Jim Chapman’s caption,

“I’d want to welcome you to our teeny little little baby, @sarah.tarleton. The happiness I felt throughout this scan was incredible. It was amazing to be able to watch our tiny wriggler content in Sarah’s stomach.”

Sarah Tarleton

He went on,

“The previous 12 weeks have been a strange combination of optimism for what’s to come and concern that all may not be well. I may have had a role in creating this little wonder, but I’m certain that whomever they turn up to be will be the making of me.”

Tarleton, who models for fashion, lingerie, and swimwear labels in the United Kingdom, will return to work in November 2021, only three months after giving birth to Margot in September.

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