Jessica Ziolek- All About The Former Fiancé Of Arkadiusz Milik

Arkadiusz Milik’s ex-fiancee is Jessica Ziolek. Professionally, the woman is a designer who debuted her own clothing line in 2019. Jessica has previously participated in fashion ads in Poland and Italy. She was originally from Poland. Arkadiusz Milik, actual name Arkadiusz Krystian “Arek” Milik, is a Polish footballer who now plays for the Marseille club and the Poland national team.

Quick Facts

Full Name Jessica Ziolek
First Name Jessica
Last Name Ziolek
Profession Celebrity Ex-Fiance
Nationality Polish
Birth Country Poland
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Relation
Relation With Arkadiusz Milik

When did Jessica first meet Arkadiusz?

Arkadiusz, on the other hand, fell in love at first sight. In the shopping center, the player spotted his lady love for the first time. Both Arkadiusz and Jessica were present in the Polish retail mall. Jessica was with her mother, who was there to purchase for her sister’s husband in the men’s area. He felt he had to make a move after looking at her. Jessica was just 16 years old at the time. Jessica recalls her mother seeing a specific guy staring at her daughter Jessica.

Jessica even ordered her mother to leave her alone, and then a random man (Arkadiusz) approached her and asked for her phone number. Jessica remembers telling him that she doesn’t give out phone numbers to strangers and that he can look her up on Facebook. The exact date is uncertain, but they fell in love after that. Despite this, they were separated for six months since Jessica’s family wanted her to continue her education. Jessica, on the other hand, wanted to be with him as quickly as possible. She and Arkadiusz remained together after she completed and passed her high school exams.

Jessica Ziolek

Dating a new person

They seemed to be a beautiful pair who were about to get married and loved to flaunt their love on social media. However, towards the end of 2021, admirers noticed that the couple had ceased uploading images of one other on their separate social media platforms. Fans also noted Jessica didn’t have her engagement ring on. Despite the fact that neither person said anything about their separation, Jessica proceeded to Facebook and changed her status to “Free.” Agata Sieramska is Arkadiusz’s current girlfriend. According to his Instagram, he posted the first image with Agata in February of 2022. He has published several photos of himself with the woman and seems to be passionately in love with her. They are shown on date nights, attending a wedding together, working out together, and many other activities.

Enjoying life with a new boyfriend and soon-to-be spouse

Jessica has moved on with her life after spending a lovely life with a new lover and soon-to-be husband. According to her Instagram, she is presently dating Polish professional footballer Milosz Mleczko. They have both been spotted displaying their affection on social media. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @milosz.mleczko. According to his profile, he is spotted posting images with his girlfriend more often. He shared a video of their flight in which the player is napping on his girlfriend’s shoulder.

They are shown cuddling in front of the Eiffel Tower, attending a wedding, and spending time together at La Mer Resort & Spa, where he captioned the photo ‘Date with the Fiancée.’ They are shown in bathing suits on the Greek island of Crete, clicking at the football field after victory, snapping selfies at Morze Baltyckie, and many more. Milosz came to Instagram on March 2, 2022, to announce their engagement after the woman accepted his proposal. Jessica wears a large square-cut diamond ring on her ring finger, with a bouquet of red roses in the backdrop.

What made Arkadiusz Milik so afraid?

Everyone recalls Milik’s spectacular goal against Roma at the time. When asked how often he saw the video, he responded quite a few times since his admirers had also given it to him. He expressed his satisfaction by saying that he didn’t think too much of it. In the end, he added, winning the game is the most important thing. Aside from that, when asked whether he felt underappreciated since if Cristiano or Messi scored the same goal, it would be talked about for months, he said no.

Jessica Ziolek

Milik answered, adding that he does not feel undervalued since he played for Napoli, which is a wonderful club, and that these are just fan debates, and he does not want to add to the continuing topic. This condition, according to the player, is common all around the globe. He also noted that the most difficult period for him was his first knee injury, which the doctor predicted would take a long time to heal from. Milik had a terrible and frightening moment in his life, believing he would never be able to return to the level he is currently playing at. Nonetheless, he recognized that he is improving as a player right now.

Net Worth

Despite Jessica’s independence, her financial information has not been discovered. Instead, we will depend on Arkadiusz’s projected net worth of 15 million euros

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