Jessenia Cruz Discussed Her Emotional Experience In “Bachelor in Paradise”

Jessenia Cruz, a famous Bachelor Nation alumna, returned for season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise earlier this year. Cruz originally appeared in the fourth week of the eighth season of the dating reality show. She quickly developed a deep bond with Andrew Spencer. That bond, however, did not endure long since Andrew still had unresolved emotions for Teddi Wright. Cruz left Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 in the 14th episode, which aired on the ABC Network on November 15, 2022, after learning about this.

Jessenia Cruz spoke up about her emotional experience on this season’s Bachelor in Paradise in a recent interview with Click Bait. Bachelor Nation released the interview on YouTube on November 19, 2022. Cruz remarked during the interview, remembering the day she arrived at the beach:

“When I came, I saw how heavy the energy was there.”

Continue reading to find out what else Jessenia revealed in her Click Bait interview. Andrew Spencer “certainly battled” with his love for Teddi, according to Bachelor Nation star Jessenia Cruz.

What went down between Cruz and Spencer?

Things were going well with Jessenia Cruz and Andrew Spencer until a newbie on the beach called Ency Abedin arrived. Andrew had an immediate attraction to her, and when she invited him out on a date, he started to investigate his feelings for her. When questioned by Cruz, Andrew stated that he still had feelings for Teddi Wright and hence could not continue the paradise trip. Spencer then departed paradise, despite Ency Abedin’s impassioned pleas. Jessenia Cruz also departed the program in the same episode after realizing how Andrew felt.

Jessenia Cruz


What did Jessenia Cruz say during her interview?

Cruz started her Click Bait interview by claiming she didn’t enjoy the atmosphere of the season from the time she arrived at the beach. She stated:

“I’ll tell you what, there was a point on the beach when I truly missed my previous season’s cast. We seemed to be a lot better at rebounding back. We may have a difficult day, but the following day we would begin again. This cast had a difficult time recovering.”

Cruz expressed her thoughts after learning about Andrew’s love for Teddi, saying:

“I’m not going to fault them for it, but Andrew seemed to struggle with it. I’m not sure whether he was still thinking about Teddi when we were talking. That was as much a surprise to me as it was to everyone else throughout our talk. I knew they were connected, but I had no idea he was still so involved.”

Jessenia went on to say that, although she didn’t blame Andrew for feeling the way he did, he should have expressed it earlier in the season:

“I recall thinking I don’t blame him when he finally disclosed where his head had been the whole time. He has every right to feel that way. I simply wanted he had realized that sooner. Because I might have gone in an entirely other route.”

Jessenia Cruz

Cruz said during her conversation with Andrew about several possible red flags:

“I was certainly concerned about the sluggish pace at times. There were times when I recall specific chats being fantastic and making significant progress. The following day, though, Andrew spent more time with his buddies than he did with me. That’s when things began to make sense to me.”

Jessenia Cruz went on to say:

“I wondered whether this was a lads’ holiday or if he was there to do ‘Paradise’ the right way. As the days passed, I realized he was completely disconnected from the process.”

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