Jesse James Has Denied Cheating On His Pregnant Wife

Jesse James, an American television celebrity, has denied cheating on his pregnant wife, Bonnie Rotten. Following the duo’s nasty social media controversy, the 53-year-old actress turned to Instagram to share a series of photos from their 2022 “love tale.” The message seems to have been modified because the actor had already written a long apology to his 29-year-old wife. According to Page Six, Jesse James wrote:

“I promise I didn’t cheat on you, baby!! I apologize for the altercation. I’m sorry I labeled you a’retard’ during our quarrel. I realize it just made you angrier and did nothing to improve the problem. It was inappropriate, juvenile, and immature. I’m sorry for what I did.”

Jesse James indicated that he never considered or attempted to cheat on Rotten and did not have the “desire” to do so.

He went on:

“You are the only one I want in my life.”

James and Rotten have been together since 2021 and married in June 2022.

Jesse James ignored other ladies and contacted his ex-girlfriend after a disagreement with Rotten. According to Page Six, Jesse James revealed that he ignored the ladies who hit on him because of his dedication to Bonnie Rotten.

He stated:

“Every girl that was around back then was informed I was in love with you and that I couldn’t see them anymore.” This was me attempting to gain your trust and do things correctly (like a ‘Man’ should).”

Despite consistently denying Rotten’s infidelity charges, James confessed to messaging one of his old lovers after the two got into a major confrontation.

Jesse James

He allegedly continued:

“I felt we were done, and I was so angry that I behaved out of rage and vengeance.” I’m sorry if this caused you pain. I unfollowed her and will not communicate with her again. (Keeping it [100 emoji] really follow a different ex on IG, so I assume you forgot about her.) “

The Monster Garage presenter ended the long article by admitting that Rotten is having a “difficult” time.

He said, ”

“I want to be a constructive influence and help us improve things.” I’ve learned from my errors, and I’ll go to any length to make you happy and win your love and confidence. Please return home. “I adore you.”

Rotten went to her Instagram stories on November 30 and uploaded a photo of her ultrasound, claiming she was pregnant while the motorbike enthusiast was out sleeping with other women.

She said, ”

“Everything he’s done to me has wounded me so much. He couldn’t care less about anybody except himself. He’s a very repulsive human being. I hate posting this on social media, but it’s the only way he’ll feel anything if everyone knows WHO HE REALLY IS.”

Jesse James

People who had previously attempted to warn her about James would now mock and mock her because she had recognized what they were attempting to tell her. Although Rotten did not explicitly respond to James’ extended apologies on Instagram, she did write “leave me alone” on her Instagram stories.

Jesse James seems to have a track record of infidelity. He was previously married to Sandra Bullock for five years and admits to cheating on her during that time. He has already cheated on his former relationships, tattoo artist Kat Von D and drag racer Alexis DeJoria, with a number of other women.

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