“Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” Fans Get Emotional As Uncle Nino Discusses His Previous Marriage

On Thursday night, September 15, 2022, MTV’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returned for an all-new episode, and this week, Uncle Nino came to San Diego to spend time with the cast members. Putting aside the conflict, episode 25 was more enjoyable, with the cast members attempting to get Vinny and Angelina to kiss. While fans were rooting for Vinny and Angelina, they were equally happy to see Uncle Nino. But it was Uncle Nino’s emotional side that surprised them.

During a talk with Angelina regarding his relationship and divorce, the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation actor said that he was still not over his first wife, despite the fact that he was married after that. Fans who saw Uncle Nino speak up about his background were upset and rushed to social media to express their thoughts.

In Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Uncle Nino tells Angelina about his first marriage.

Vinny’s uncle, Nino Giaimo, joined the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation cast members in San Diego. Things got interesting when they all went on a gondola trip. Vinny began bragging about how he had been with over 300 women and Uncle Nino had been with over 500.

Uncle Nino, on the other hand, was eager to correct his nephew. He disclosed:

“I’d say 3,000, no problem.” Six times a week for 12 years. You figure it out.”

Uncle Nino

Uncle Nino is well-known for his wit and humor. He always knows how to lighten the atmosphere and make everyone laugh. But, to everyone’s amazement, when he was alone with Angelina, he appeared to grow serious. Angelina was going through a divorce with her estranged husband, Chris. So she asked Uncle Nino how he healed from his previous divorce:

“You’ve also had a divorce. Was it difficult for you, or were you simply done?”

Uncle Nino said that he was sad the first time he divorced. However, when it came to his second marriage, he said that he was relieved to be free of it. Angelina was eager to question him about his depression after his previous marriage. Uncle Nino revealed emotionally:

“There was much too much affection, far too deep and far too intimate. That was the state of my heart and soul. It’s a terrible tale, but she was unable to have children.”

During her confessional, Angelina said that Nino had gone through a lot, but it was evident that despite everything, he still loved his first wife. He opened up and said that his first wife wanted to be friends with him, but he couldn’t put his heart into it. He stated:

“I was in love with her too much.”

Uncle Nino

Fans who saw Uncle Nino speak up about his history turned to social media to express their feelings toward the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation actor

Fans have expressed their gratitude to Uncle Nino after he revealed details about his first wife on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. They posted the adorable bonding moment between Angelina and Uncle Nino on Twitter. Others said that they had never seen him in this light before.

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