Jenny Tolman Composed Two Songs Which Was Dedicated To Her Husband While He was Injured

Jenny Tolman’s husband, Dave Brainard, was Left dead on the streets of Nashville. He wasn’t her spouse at the time, and he wasn’t even her lover. He was just a coworker who had recently become a dear buddy. However, when the news reached Tolman, she experienced what she says was an epiphany. She was in love.

Dave Brainard Was Brutally Assaulted

It was September 2015, and the Grammy-nominated producer was with a pal somewhere in Nashville when they were both savagely beaten and left for dead. Thankfully, they made it to the hospital. According to an exclusive People article, Brainard suffered a fractured jaw, a mouthful of smashed teeth, and many facial lacerations. Tolman learned the news not long after.

“When you get that kind of news about someone, it validates everything you feel for that person,” she told the site. “It was a revelation for me.”

Jenny Tolman

It felt like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in love with this guy, and someone has wounded him, and I need to be with him.’ That’s when I understood he wasn’t simply a nice buddy. He was my person.

Jenny Tolman Composed Songs for Injured Dave Brainard

The country singer also stated that she created two songs for Brainard and mailed them to him when he was in the hospital. “I remember him sending me a text message essentially saying, ‘This is so gorgeous’ and ‘Gosh, you are so beautiful,’” she said. “That’s a text I clung to.” Brainard was still receiving dental operations as a consequence of the September 2015 assault at the time of this interview in 2021. So you’re aware that the assault was severe. Ironically, the dreadful night that might have permanently divided Tolman and Brainard was the night that drew them even closer together.

Jenny Tolman

Dave Brainard’s Confession of Love

A few months had gone by since that sad occurrence, and the pair, still friends, went out to supper in January 2016. “It had just begun snowing in Nashville that night, and we had gone to supper, but I wasn’t 21 yet, so we couldn’t go to a bar,” the singer recounted. When the producer confessed his feelings, he was driving.

“He was like, ‘Please know that this was never my goal, and I don’t know how this occurred, but I believe I am in love with you,’ and I responded, ‘I’m in love with you,’” Tolman revealed. The night concluded at Brainard’s place, and the pair have been together ever since.

Dave Brainard and Jenny Tolman Have Married

After four years of dating, Brainard dropped down on one knee and asked Tolman to marry him. Bernard proposed on October 28, 2020, while hiking in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “The strange thing is that a professional photographer happened to be hiking and witnessed the proposal and began capturing photographs of us,” the vocalist said. On March 19, 2022, the pair would exchange vows as husband and wife after over a year and a half of dating. “Perfect is an understatement,” the spouse remarked of the wedding.

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