Jenna Johnson And Val Chmerkovskiy Welcomed Their First Child

Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy, the legendary DWTS (Dancing With The Stars) pair, have welcomed their first child together. Jenna and Val of DWTS welcomed their baby son on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. Jenna went to her social media page and announced the birth of their kid to her fans. She titled it:

“Our world will be irrevocably transformed on October 1, 2023.”

Jenna and Val were clutching the hands of their newborn bundle of joy in a monochrome photograph. Jenna disclosed she was pregnant in July of last year. The DWTS contestant posted on Instagram, saying:

“This is our greatest dream ever. Baby Chmerkovskiy is due in January! While developing this tiny wonder inside of me, my heart has expanded beyond description. We are very excited to meet our lovely angel.”

Jenna Johnson

Jenna spoke out about her infertility issues prior to the birth of their baby. The DWTS contestant posted the following video on social media:

“That was the moment my whole life transformed. We had really stopped trying to conceive for around 6 months to give ourselves a mental/emotional break… So the astonishment, amazement, and absolute ecstasy at this moment will be with me forever.”

Jenna and Val married in 2019, and their baby’s gender will be announced in August 2022. Jenna said in an exclusive interview with US Weekly that her pregnancy brought her and her husband closer together. Continue reading for a breakdown of Jenna and Val’s relationship as the pair welcomes their baby boy into the world.

Jenna and Val met in 2014 when the new mother joined the DWTS team.

Jenna and Val initially met when the SYTYCD graduate became a part of the DWTS group. Val was already a member of it, having competed in season 13 when it debuted in 2011. Although they began as friends, they began dating a year later, in 2015. They dated for a few months before breaking up. Val dated Amber Rose for a short time before returning to Jenna. Val proposed to Jenna on one knee when they were on a romantic vacation to Italy in June 2018. Val revealed in an exclusive interview with US Weekly:

“I knew Jenna was the one after seeing how close she is to her family and how she interacts with her nieces and nephews. Family is important to me, and I can’t wait to start one together.”

Jenna Johnson

It wasn’t long before they were married. They married in April 2019. They informed US Weekly about their hopes to have children in September 2020:

“I want children. Val is desperate for children. We have absolutely discussed it. That is our destiny. That’s what we’re hoping for when it happens. There’s an old adage that there’s never a good time, but I believe we simply want to figure things out and then let things happen when they’re supposed to happen.”

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