Jenelle Evans Will Not Return In “Teen Mom: The Next Chapter”

Jenelle Evans will not appear in Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, which is planned to air on MTV on September 6. Meanwhile, Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, Briana Dejesus, Ashley Jones, Leah Messer, and others are among the cast members who will return to the program. The new program will include Teen Mom 2 and OG fan favorites and will take fans to the next phase of their lives. The audience has seen them raising their children and growing up with them.

The young mothers have matured and are ready to face the new obstacles that the next stage of their lives will bring. They may fall and fail, but they will have each other to help them get back up. Although Jenelle Evans’ involvement in Teen Mom: Next Chapter was hinted at, it was announced that she would not be a part of the program due to a contract dispute. Just after Jenelle’s entrance into the trailer, one of the cast members commented off-camera:

“It is taking place. It is taking place.”

Jenelle Evans Had A Beef With Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Producer

Jenelle Evans and her boyfriend were dismissed from MTV in 2019 after a scandalous disclosure. Meanwhile, fans have long questioned whether the worldwide reality star will ever return to the show. While Evans will appear in a cameo role in the new series, the two sides were unable to reach an agreement on a contract. MTV wanted the celebrity to sign an exclusive contract, which meant she couldn’t work anywhere else. The reality star’s management said that the agreement would restrict their client’s other professional options. In an interview with TMZ, the manager stated:

“After failing to reach an agreement on a contract, Jenelle is officially NOT returning to MTV’s “Teen Mom” series.”

Jenelle Evans

The manager, August Keen, also said that fans had not seen the last of Jenelle. Keen said that the celebrity is working on a new project that would most likely be picked up by a “big network.”

Jenelle explained her absence to Page Six, saying:

“Based on the stipulations, I chose to refuse the terms of the agreement in order to seek and advance other professional options. It would not have been compatible with my existing prospects. There are no harsh feelings. I thank MTV and the producers for inviting me, and I wish the ladies nothing but the best.”

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’s Leah Messer said that although she hasn’t talked to Jenelle in a long time, she knew her well during their time on the show. She continued, saying:

“I’m curious to see where she’s at in her life, and whatever the executives decide is what they decide. I wish her the best of luck.”

More information about Teen Mom: The Next Chapter

“Teen Mom: The Next Chapter,” the mother of a super-sized series, will follow returning mothers as they negotiate new stages of life.

Jenelle Evans

According to the trailer:

“You were there when they became mothers for the first time. Be there while they turn the next page together.”

The teaser hinted at both stronger partnerships as well as more difficult routes. Some cast members choose rings, and while others struggle to hold it together, they have their fellow mothers on their side.

The season debut of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter will air on MTV on September 6 at 8 p.m. ET.

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