Jeffree Star Is Accused Of Drug Abuse And Inappropriate Conduct

Jeffree Star has been embroiled in yet another incident involving drug misuse and inappropriate conduct. A former employee has accused Star of mistreating him and a colleague both within and outside the workplace. The user also claimed that the Youtuber relocated to Wyoming after being kicked out of the beauty influencer scene in Los Angeles due to drug-related issues.

Jeffree Star has been accused of drug addiction.

Miki Uchis, an alleged former JSC employee, made the charges. Uchis claimed to have seen Star doing “unspeakable things” and accused him of hard-drug addiction. They shared a series of TikToks about their encounter with Jeffree Star. They said that when they visited Star Ranch, Star did not provide transportation, and they had to rent an Uber and walk up to Star’s residence. They further said that they were not permitted to use their phones when Star was around.

Jeffree Star

They displayed a stop and desist letter from the cosmetic guru’s lawyer in April, shortly after they initially discussed their encounter with the YouTuber. Later in the film, they explain that they did not sign an NDA and are legally permitted to discuss their experience.

Uchis also discussed the epic dispute in 2020 that featured Jeffree Star and other beauty influencers. They said that an Instagram influencer in Los Angeles canceled Star after discovering embarrassing information about the cosmetics artist. Uchis also said that it was the primary cause for Star’s return to Wyoming.

They characterized the ranch’s surroundings as follows:

“The ranch is rife with drug addiction, exploitation, and narcissism. It’s perplexing and frightening.”

Later, Uchis referred to Star’s closest friend as Tina,

“claiming that she is the reason Star has lost touch with the beauty world in Los Angeles. Tina is the slang term for crystal meth. They said Tina was the reason Star relocated out from Los Angeles so he could “do what he wants without being called out.”

Jeffree Star

They also claimed that their ex-best buddy, Boom, was placed in danger at the start of January 2022 because Star wanted him to go and get narcotics from his supplier. The boom was verbally assaulted for his sexual orientation and race by the persons who supplied him narcotics as a consequence of the event. Uchis said that he contacted him while driving to the drug supplier’s facility, terrified. They stated:

“He compelled Boom to travel two hours outside of Casper to a warehouse near Gillette. Boom phoned me crying the whole journey because he was terrified.”


They went on,

“That night was chilly, and when Boom eventually came, he was hounded. The two males in the warehouse made homophobic and racial statements about Boom, his sexual orientation, and his Mexican origins.”

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