Jeff Wittek Had A Brain Seizure From All The Pain Medication After His Operations

Following his operations, Jeff Wittek, a prominent YouTube vlogger and podcast presenter, suffered a brain seizure on April 7. Jeff Wittek lost his sight in a crane accident in 2021. Wittek later claimed that many operations and pain drugs caused his seizure. Wittek seems to exhibit the fear of having his pain medication turned off in a hilarious account of his medical appointment following his seizure.

What happened To Jeff Wittek?

Jeff Wittek reported on his Jeff FM podcast on April 7 that he experienced a seizure owing to problems from pain medication administered after his surgery. Wittek described his doctor’s appointment when she advised him to stop using all painkillers. Wittek sarcastically accused the doctor of removing his only helpful medicine. He also joked about being a “heroin addict” in the doctor’s office. Sadly, this occurrence was a repeat of last year’s nightmare.

Jeff Wittek

Wittek exposed the specifics of his eye injury in a documentary YouTube series in 2021. And he revealed that he was a member of the Vlog Squad, which included demonetized YouTuber David Dobrik. The act included a crane-like device digging a lake and swinging people from it over the lake. Jeff Wittek performed the act after many members of the group said it was safe. Wittek stated in the film,

“I recently did 20 plane jumps. What if I swing from a rope over a one-foot-deep lake?”

Jeff Wittek
But the rope’s speed surprised Wittek. He also blamed Dobrik, the excavator driver. Wittek reportedly sued Dobrik over the accident. Then Wittek flew towards the camera from the rope. Doctors warned Wittek that the accident’s injuries, particularly near his eye, might have been devastating or deadly a few millimeters away. Jeff Wittek survived the crash but is currently dealing with long-term ramifications.

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