Jeff Headlee Is Still Alive Proving All The Death Rumors To Be False

If you’ve seen the Travel Channel’s reality program Mountain Monsters, you’ve probably heard of Jeff Headlee. Headlee played a researcher with the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team in the cryptozoology-themed reality television series. Six local West Virginia hunters and trappers worked together to investigate and pursue mysterious species in the Appalachian Mountains. Headlee featured in six episodes between 2013 and 2017, according to IMDb. His most recent appearance was in the episode ‘The Rogue Team Rises: Part 1.’

The former reality television star has entirely vanished from the public eye since his final televised appearance. As a result, many program fans are curious about his recent actions, and some even wonder whether he is still alive or not in the aftermath of his death rumors on the internet.

Are the rumors about Jeff Headlee’s death true?

The Mountain Monsters and Headlee lovers may rejoice: Headlee’s death rumors are untrue. The reality television star is still alive and well. He most recently discussed his recent events on the October 25 edition of The Dead Zone Paranormal Radio Show. When the interviewer inquired about his family, he said that he was having a good time with his lads, presumably his kids, and his wife, Tammy Snyder. He said that his wife has been suffering from a lung ailment for some time, but on the bright side, his youngest son Alex, who will be 19 in 2021, had welcomed a new child.

Jeff Headlee

Jeff Headlee is the owner and operator of the H&S Trading Post.

During the interview, Headlee disclosed that he was working at an antique business named H&S Trading Post. “If you’re seeking Antiques, Collectibles, Architectural Salvage, Hardware, Doors, Windows, Primitives, Furniture, Cast Iron, and a whole lot of JUNK!” According to the store’s Facebook page description. According to his Facebook page, the Vienna, West Virginia native has been the store’s owner and operator since 1989.

In addition, from 1977 to 1978, he attended West Virginia University in Parkersburg. On July 21, 1990, he married his longtime wife Snyder after finishing his schooling and starting a company. The couple has two children, Alex and Cody Brian Headlee. Headlee, his wife, their children, and grandkids are now residing in Waterford, Ohio, where his shop is also situated.

Jeff Headlee

What is Jeff Headlee’s current age?

The Mountain Monsters researcher has been extremely private about his personal life, therefore many things about him are unknown. Headlee, on the other hand, was born on December 21, 1957, making him 64 years old as of December 2021, according to several internet tabloids. On December 21, 2021, the Travel Channel’s official Facebook page also uploaded a photo of him, wishing him a happy birthday.

“A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the one and only Jeff Headlee!” “The AIMS team would be lost without you,” the caption said.

On the post, he quickly received over a hundred birthday greetings from his followers and friends.

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