Jason Nash And Marney Hochman Separated After 10 Years Of Marriage

Jason Nash was married to his ex-wife Marney Hochman for 10 years until they divorced. During their marriage, they brought two wonderful beings into the world: a boy and a daughter. So, it’s very clear that the relationship didn’t work out. Fans of the YouTuber, however, we’re intrigued as to how things truly transpired. Although there isn’t a timetable for how the relationship deteriorated to the point of divorce (at least not on the internet), Nash did sit down with fellow YouTuber David Dobrik to reveal the last straw—the one event that precipitated the divorce.

Don’t ask Jason Nash to dim the lights.

During an episode of Nash and Dobrik’s VIEWS podcast in February 2021, Nash revealed an incident he had with a lady on an aircraft. To cut a long tale short, Nash was minding his own thing, playing pool on his phone, when the woman sitting next to him requested him to dim the light on his phone. Even when he reflected on the episode at a later period, it was clear that he was still irritated, and with good cause. Turns out, turning down the brightness on his screen was exactly what his wife advised him to do when he realized the marriage was doomed.

Marney Hochman

Jason Nash Divorced His Wife for What Reason?

To cut to the chase, Nash was working on his PC at his office one day. Keep in mind that Nash’s relationship with his wife was already suffering at this moment. So he was working in his office as usual when his wife came in to use the elliptical. Because it was a shared facility, the gym equipment was placed in the same location as Nash’s office. His wife came in and began working out. According to Nash, his wife was irritated by the fact that he was working at his office.

Several Requests from the Now-Ex-Wife

She made a number of demands on her then-husband when she started working out. First, she requested that he turn off the music. Nash’s music was apparently leaking into her headphones, and she didn’t like it. As a result, he softly agreed and switched off the music. She then urged him to stop typing so loudly. Nash did what she said and typed as discreetly as he could. One more request: she requested him to turn out the lights, which he did. Nash was working as quietly as he could in the dark at this point. This, according to Nash, was the last straw. She requested that he reduce the brightness of his screen.

Jason Nash

“I simply walked out, and that was the end of it,” Nash said. Nash stated that after that moment, he said nothing since he didn’t see the sense in beginning an argument. So, after a time, he just approached his wife and stated, “I’m afraid not. I simply can’t do it any longer.” The wife was clearly angry. She was sobbing. Regardless, the marriage was consummated. Despite the fact that the couple split, she continues to appear in Nash’s YouTube videos. He even recorded a video about handcuffing himself to his ex-wife.

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