Jason Momoa Is Rumored To Be Dating Eiza Gonzalez

According to the internet, Jason Momoa is in an unusual love scenario. The Aquaman actor, who just divorced his ex-wife Lisa Bonet, is said to be seeing another actress. The new pair was even seen kissing in Europe. However, sources indicate that he is back living with Bonet, raising questions about whether he is still with his ex-wife.

Is Jason Momoa Dating Someone New?

On May 10, 2022, Deux Moi got a blind idem from an anonymous tipster claiming to have seen Momoa having PDA with another actress, Eiza Gonzalez. The spotting occurred on April 23, 2022, during the Tyson Fury-Dillian Whyte bout in London. “Can confirm Jason M and Eiza Gonzales,” wrote the tipster. “I saw them PDA at Tyson vs. McGregor in London.”

However, it turns out that the two had been spotted together in public much earlier. Momoa attended the premiere of Ambulance in Los Angeles on April 5, 2022. There, too, the duo was observed socializing with their coworkers. But things go back far deeper. On Deux Moi on March 2, an unidentified source said that Momoa had been dating a new “spicy” companion.

Eiza Gonzalez


“I can affirm that he is in a relationship. It’s hot. Very hot, “said the individual. When Deux Moi inquired further, they said that she was also an actress and that the connection was “Muy caliente.”

This contribution sparked a Reddit topic, with some instantly speculating that the actress was Gonzalez. But that’s not all that was addressed. Some people thought it was strange that Momoa was dating Gonzalez while still being close to his ex-wife, Bonet.

Jason Momoa’s Ex-Wife and Co-Parenting Problem

On January 12, 2022, Momoa and Bonet announced their divorce. They published a joint message on Instagram to the rest of the world, explaining their position. According to their statement, they have an “unwavering” commitment to their two children from their 16-year partnership. And it seems that they are following through on their promise. On March 2, a few cryptic articles surfaced on Deux Moi, inquiring whether Momoa and Bonet had reconciled. “I heard not officially back together but amicable,” the page responded.

Later that day, another source gave new information. They said Momoa and Bonet were “living together to co-parent” and denied allegations that they were romantically involved again. People were discussing Momoa’s peculiar circumstances on the Reddit post noted above. Many people believed Momoa was to blame for his uneasy situation.

Jason Momoa

“So he’s seeing another actress but moving back in with his wife to parent?” one person speculated. “Why would he make his life so difficult?”

Many people did not believe Momoa’s dating allegations with Gonzalez because of his co-parenting arrangement. Momoa, on the other hand, has been public about the split, dismissing reunion rumors several times in recent months. Another side argued that Deux Moi’s publishing of “spicy” and “muy caliente” remarks were racist. “This is borderline racist and just plain unpleasant and antiquated to refer to a Latina actress like this?” one person said.

“I despise whoever gave in the tip and DM for not seeing that individual was racist,” someone else commented. Momoa has been connected to many actresses, including Gonzalez. In March, it was reported that the Aquaman star was dating Kate Beckinsale. That myth, however, quickly died away.

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