Jason David Frank Passed Away At The Age Of 49

On Sunday, November 20, after the internet was flooded with speculations about actor Jason David Frank, a spokesperson for the actor announced that he had died. Jason David Frank was an American actor and MMA fighter best known for his role as the Green Ranger in the original Power Rangers series.

From 1993 to 1996, he starred as Tommy Oliver in the blockbuster television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. While Frank only appeared in 14 episodes in that role, he garnered a big fan following, so much so that the show’s producers welcomed him back as the white ranger and the new leader of the group for the rest of the series.

Fans pay their respects to Jason David Frank.

Frank’s family has yet to issue a comment, but his trainer and close friend Mike Bronzoulis revealed the tragic news on his Facebook page. The reason for his death is unknown, and there have been no reports of any underlying ailment as of yet. However, speculations have circulated that the actor committed suicide.

Jason David Frank
Frank was 49 years old when he passed away. He is survived by his sons Hunter and Jason, as well as a daughter, Skye, with his former wife, Shawna Frank, who divorced him in 2001. In 2003, he married Tammy Frank, with whom he had a daughter, Jenna. She did, however, file for divorce in 2022.

Following the news of Frank’s passing, fans who grew up watching and idolizing the Green Ranger flocked to Twitter to express their grief and condolences to his family. Many others expressed their admiration for Frank, describing him as their boyhood idol.

@caiocpr1 used the chance to recite Jason David Frank’s last farewell on the program before quitting. At the conclusion of the program, the whole Power Rangers team forms a circle with their fists as their team commander bids them goodbye and thanks them for their contributions to the universe. According to the quote:

“Many thanks to the Rangers. You’ve done the whole universe a wonderful service… I think it’s time to say farewell once again. “May the power keep you all safe?”

Frank is not the first Power Ranger to die at a young age. Thuy Tran, a Vietnamese actress most known for her role as the Yellow Ranger in the same series, died in a vehicle accident in 2001. At the time, she was just 27 years old. Surprisingly, both performers auditioned for and were cast in their respective parts at the same time. While supporters lamented Jason David Frank’s death, they also welcomed the two Rangers’ reunion in death.

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