Janai Norman And Eli Norman Are Expecting Their Third Child

Janai Norman, co-anchor of Good Morning America, is expecting her third child. She has been married to Eli Norman since 2018, however, Eli’s current occupation is unclear for the time being. Janai revealed to PEOPLE that people were aware of her pregnancy before she made it public.

She went on to say that she saw two people posting in various areas, wondering if she was pregnant:

“And on the day I found out, I posted a picture with the caption ‘Caption this,’ and someone said ‘Surprise pregnancy.’” I’m not sure what it is, but some people seem to know, so I’m eager to check.”

Janai Norman

Janai is now 10 weeks pregnant, with her third child due by the end of 2023. She mentioned feeling increased nausea, moodiness, and drowsiness when pregnant, adding that her morning sickness only bothers her in the evening. She also said that if she goes to bed early, she awakens “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.”

Janai Norman and Eli Norman married in 2018.

Janai Norman and Eli Norman met on Tinder, and Eli was her second date, according to Janai. According to PEOPLE, she planned to stop using the app if the relationship ended. She proposed to Eli in April 2017, and they married in May 2018. They eventually became parents to two children, with a third on the way. Janai remarked to PEOPLE on the birth of her baby in 2017:

“I was determined to do it again with my daughter, and she had a fantastic water birth during the pandemic.” When I told them it was magical, they thought I was insane. It was true.”

Janai has not made any information about her children public. She explained her reasoning as follows:

“It comes down to consent.” At the same time, my maternal experience is very personal to me and integral to who I am. I wish to share my experience while being mindful of their privacy.”

Janai Norman


Janai Norman is well-known for her roles in the ABC series.

Janai Norman was born in America on January 5, 1990. She enrolled at the University of Missouri at Columbia and graduated with degrees in Psychology and Mass Communication. The 32-year-old began her career as an intern at ABC Television Network. She started with ABC 17 in August 2011 and moved to WFTV Channel 9 in 2014. She joined ABC News in October 2016 and has presented programs such as ABC News Programs, World News Now, and American This Morning since then.

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