James May Was Rushed To Hospital After He Got Into An Accident

On Friday, August 12, well-known television host and journalist James May was involved in an accident and was taken to the hospital. Following the collision, he was said to have cracked one of his ribs and had discomfort in his neck and back. The incident occurred when May was filming The Grand Tour for Amazon Prime Video at the decommissioned Olavsvern naval facility near Tromso.

Why was James May admitted to the hospital?

May’s vehicle slammed against a wall while shooting a drag race with Jeremy Clarkson for The Grand Tour, breaking a rib. May and Clarkson had to drive their rally cars down a tunnel towards a rock wall at a Norwegian naval station for the challenge. The tunnel light, on the other hand, only switched on as the vehicles accelerated, allowing drivers fewer than five seconds to respond if they didn’t have enough room. May seemed to have discovered this too late, as he slammed on the brakes before crashing into the wall.

James May

Paramedics hurried to the scene and assisted May in getting to the hospital, and the program proceeded to record without him.

According to a person who spoke to The Sun,

“At first, it seemed really concerning. Jeremy and Richard were worried about their friend, so paramedics arrived shortly. As with any large-scale production, medical personnel is on standby in case things go tragically wrong, as they did here.”

According to the source, James struck his head hard and is presently in discomfort in his back and neck. The Grand Tour was created by May and Clarkson, as well as Richard Hammond, James May, and Andy Wilman. The show premiered on November 18, 2016, and has gotten positive reviews from reviewers and audiences alike.

All About James May

James May began his career as a sub-editor for The Engineer and Autocar magazines. He subsequently wrote for magazines such as Car Magazine, Top Gear, and The Daily Telegraph. May also co-authored Oz and James’s Big Wine Adventure and published a book called May on Motors. He is well-known for his many television appearances, having hosted Channel 4’s Driven and narrated BBC One’s Road Rage School.

James May

Inside Killer Sharks, a Sky documentary was hosted by May. In 2008, he journeyed throughout the globe in the BBC miniseries James May’s Big Ideas, looking for applications of ideas that were previously deemed science fiction. In 2013, he narrated another documentary, To Space & Back.

James is the founder of the YouTube channel Head Squeeze and established JM’s Unemployment Tube in 2015. The channel includes culinary movies from his kitchen as well as mock-ups of Airfix models. The most recent video was uploaded to the channel in February 2021. In 2016, he founded DriveTribe, a social media platform for car enthusiasts. He also started Foodtribe, a spin-off company in which he filmed films utilizing a piece of modest kitchen equipment.

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