Jake LaRosa Is Resigning From “The Try Guys” After Ned Fulmer’s Cheating Scandal

Jake LaRosa, a former employee of The Try Guys, went to TikTok on September 27 to publish a video of his resignation from the collective, which has now gone viral across all social media platforms. The Try Guys, a previous quartet and now a trio, have been trending since yesterday. They became the talk of the town when one of its members, Ned Fulmer, was suspected of cheating on his wife, Ariel, with the collective’s assistant producer, Alexandria Herring.

Jake’s video comes at a time when the collective, now comprised of Zach Kornfeld, Eugene Lee Yang, and Keith Habersberger, issued a statement stating that the collective had severed connections with Ned Fulmer in the aftermath of the controversy. According to their statement:

“Ned Fulmer is no longer employed by The Try Guys. We do not see a way ahead jointly as a result of a comprehensive internal examination. We appreciate your assistance as we negotiate this transition.”

Jake LaRosa is a former Try Guys employee.

24-year-old Jake LaRosa was The Try Guys’ previous social media manager. Jake formerly oversaw the comedy group’s second YouTube account, according to Just Jared. In fact, he has appeared in many of their famous films, the most recent of which being Try Guys Staff tries Vegan McDonald’s. Jake also starred in another well-known video alongside another member of the group, Keith Habersberger, on the latter’s personal YouTube channel. Jake posted a sample of the same on his Instagram account, writing:

“I appreciate you having me on Eat The Menu, Keith.”

In 2021, he also went to Instagram and shared some images with the caption:

“swipe to see how I felt when I found out I’d be working at @tryguys”

Jake LaRosa

However, prior to Ned Fulmer’s departure from the comedy group, LaRosa just published a TikTok video announcing his leaving the collective.

The TikTok video’s text reads:

“Good morning, everyone, with the exception of Adam Levine, John Mulaney, and…”

The camera pans slowly over a photograph of Ned Fulmer and his wife Ariel, as Jake clutches the couple’s 2021 The Date Night Cookbook. The former social media manager took a drink as the song You Stupid B***h played in the background. Jake captioned the video, “My final day was Friday,” letting his TikTok fans know he was leaving the collective. Many social media users speculated in the comments section and on Twitter about whether or not he was aware of the cheating incident.

Ned Fulmer is leaving The Try Guys.

Following the group’s announcement on Ned Fulmer’s cheating incident, the YouTuber apologized on his own social media platforms. Fulmer apologized to Ariel and the rest of the group, saying he was in a “consensual professional relationship.”

The complete statement was as follows:

“My family should have always been my first concern, but I became distracted and developed a consensual professional connection. I apologize for whatever hurt my actions may have caused the boys and fans, but especially Ariel. The only thing that counts right now is my wife and my children, so that’s where I’ll concentrate my efforts.”

Jake LaRosa

Ariel Fulmer also issued a statement. She requested her friends and followers on social media to “respect our [their] privacy for the sake of our [their] children.”

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