Iza Calzado And Ben Wintle Are Expecting Their First Child

Iza Calzado, a Filipino actress, and her husband, Ben Wintle, both 40, are expecting their first child. The actress posted an Instagram snapshot of herself smilingly cuddling her expanding baby belly on Friday, August 12. The photograph was accompanied by the following caption:

“Life, they say, starts at 40. So I had all these huge plans for my 40th year on Earth, which also happened to be my 20th year in the profession. I had already finished a couple of the fascinating tasks that had been assigned to me, and there were a few more in the works. I was excited to begin this new chapter in my life.”

Calzado also wrote in the caption that she was not intending on having a kid immediately quickly, but that she knew it had to happen and that she had resigned to whatever God had in store for her. The actress went on,

“I welcome this new chapter of my life with a grateful heart, laying aside all my anxieties and worries and just believing in the divine timing and wisdom of life.”

Calzado discussed her kid, adding that she knows it will propel her to higher heights in ways she cannot comprehend. She closed by calling the baby a tremendous miracle and her guiding light for giving her meaning, purpose, and direction in life. She added two additional Instagram photos, one of which also included her husband, Ben Wintle. They’ve been together since 2017.

Iza Calzado

Who Is Iza Calzado husband?

Ben Wintle is 40 years old, despite the fact that his birth date is uncertain. He was raised in Hong Kong by his British father and Filipina mother. Wintle completed his studies in the United Kingdom before returning to Hong Kong and China. He speaks Mandarin well and likes reading books like John Wood’s Leaving Microsoft to Change the World and The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama.

Ben is the creator and CEO of Booky, an app that assists consumers in finding restaurants and other locations, as well as reserving tables and making appointments. The book was inspired by his friendship with Iza, with whom he regularly struggled to find a place to dine. After dating for five years, Ben Wintle and Iza Calzado got engaged in 2017. They announced their engagement on their separate Instagram profiles and married the following year.

Iza Calzado

All About Iza Calzado

Iza Calzado is well-known for her roles in Filipino horror films and is now one of the film industry’s most successful actors. The 40-year-old is most known for her role in the fantasy drama television series Encantadia, and she was a GMA Network indigenous talent for 10 years. She has featured in a number of financially successful films, including Starting Over Again, Ouija, and Moments of Love. Calzado has won several awards, including the Cinemalaya Film Festival Awards, the Golden Screen Awards, the PMPC Star Awards, the MMFF Awards, the Gawad Urian Awards, and the FAMAS Awards.

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