IVE’s Wonyoung Was Drawn Into Scandal When Her Old Live Broadcast Surfaced

Wonyoung of IVE was embroiled in controversy when netizens discovered an earlier live broadcast of the group. On September 26 KST, a member on a community site published a series of photographs from a prior VLive show featuring Leeseo, Yujin, and Wonyoung. While the three were a huge success with DIVE, who adored their connection, one specific moment split netizens. The situation in issue is one in which the idol made a comment about Leeseo’s clothing seeming identical to one she wore to a music recording some time ago.

According to the broadcast screenshots, Wonyoung questioned Leeseo about whether she bought the clothing. The latter said that the clothing belonged to “Rei unnie.” Wonyoung then reached out to examine the tag on the clothing. Both she and Yujin confirmed that Leeseo was not wearing the same clothing at the conclusion of the incident. While many people were upset by the occurrence, the teenage K-pop idol’s followers backed her online.

One user commented:

“This struck me as a little harsh. Take a look at Leeseo’s expression.”

Another person added:

“I don’t believe her actions are worthy of such vitriol. But it doesn’t imply it was totally correct. If she was interested in the clothing, she might have inquired about it after the live show ended.”

Another user mentioned:

“If she had verified the clothing after the camera was turned off, this wouldn’t have been so horrible.”

While another user stated:

“But, honestly, did she have to confirm the tag while they were on V Live? Even asking, ‘Did you purchase that yourself?’ may humiliate [Leeseo].”

Those who supported Wonyoung remarked that the idol was endorsing a brand and that since the young idols live together, it was inevitable for their outfits to get mixed up.

IVE's Wonyoung

One person wrote:

“I believe Wonyoung was only trying to publicize since she is the KIRSH model.”

Another remark read:

“If the clothing appears the same, she can authenticate the tag. Lolll. The clothing wasn’t even Leeseo’s. When you live in a group, you inevitably end up sharing clothing.”

Another supporter stated:

“It is not impolite. They’ve recently verified that they have two distinct shirts. Fans were interested whether it was from the company KIRSH since they spotted [Wonyoung] wearing it while filming and Leeseo sporting a similar shirt.”

One admirer wondered why the young idol was being questioned:

“Why do people continuously come after Wonyoung?”

After an old broadcast dispute, netizens support IVE’s Wonyoung.

Some people said that the K-pop idol’s actions were awkward and that she should not have groped for the tag on Leeseo’s blouse while she was live. They added that if the idol was unhappy with exposing her garments, she might have waited for the program to stop. Many netizens supported the K-pop star, claiming that the conduct was taken out of context and that it was acceptable since she is close to IVE’s Leeseo and therefore just intended to be a joke.

The debate spread to Twitter, where followers defended her. Some people also noted how it’s extremely common for individuals who live together to make fun of one other’s attire and how the bullying of the IVE idol over old videos has to stop. Wonyoung is presently one of the most talked-about K-pop stars in the business, having been dubbed one of the ultimate K-pop ‘IT’ Girls. Since fans noted how her clothes were always nicer than the other members, she has been the target of ire aimed towards IVE for being the favorite member of the girl group.

IVE's Wonyoung

Some netizens made a huge issue out of the teenage idol’s restrained manner as an MC on Music Bank, labeling her unpleasant. Her dramatic weight drop has sparked outrage on social media, with many admirers worried about her eating habits and mental health. Wonyoung began in the business at the age of 13 with Produce 48, an MNET survival program. She subsequently made her debut with IZONE, a short-lived K-pop group that disintegrated after a few years.

The idol’s stage presence, sophisticated conduct, and fashion sense have kept the limelight on her during her debut with IVE. She has various brand sponsorships and was recently in Paris for Fashion Week as an ambassador for the premium jewelry company FRED.

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