IU Admits Having A Hearing Problem During THE GOLDEN HOUR Performance

On the penultimate night of her THE GOLDEN HOUR performance in Seoul, prominent singer IU announced that she had been seeking therapy for a hearing issue. At the two-day solo concert, the 29-year-old performer delivered remarkable performances for the audience. Her statement towards the conclusion of the event surprised many since the LILAC singer had been belting out high notes just before her announcement.

Fans lavished love and support on the LILAC singer. They also applauded her for having the courage to speak openly about her own issues during THE GOLDEN HOUR performance. Following her announcement, Twitter was swamped with messages of encouragement for her. Despite how spectacular THE GOLDEN HOUR concert was, IU admitted to being “extremely worried” while preparing for it. The soloist’s record includes songs with little dance, allowing the attention to be on her vocal.

“It’s so terrible to watch”: IU’s THE GOLDEN HOUR will be remembered as a spectacular but melancholy concert.

On September 17 and 18, 2022, IU, also known as the Queen of K-pop, completed her two-day offline solo performance at Seoul’s Olympic Stadium. She delivered larger-than-life performances, replete with spectacular clothes, a massive stage, hot air balloons, drone displays, and much more. IU was diagnosed with Patulous Eustachian Tube Dysfunction, a condition that allows people to overhear their own voices. According to Verywell Health, it is an uncommon ailment that affects just one out of every 10,000 individuals.


The condition is comparable to having plugged ears. There is no one reason for this. Risk factors include quick and considerable weight loss, worry and stress, jaw problems, and tiredness. According to Hankyoreh, the soloist shared her problems with fans after playing Love Poem. She added that it had become a little worse on the second day and that preparing for the show had been more difficult for her.

IU stated:

“I genuinely have an ear condition, therefore I was scared and prepared for this performance.” It’s not life-threatening, but I had trouble controlling my ears about a year ago. My ears have become a bit worse since the conclusion of yesterday’s performance, so I guess I had a little terrible day while rehearsing last night and today.”

She continued, saying she couldn’t hear the crowd clearly but thanked them for their support:

“I hardly heard you today, but I got the impression they were rooting for me and congratulating me on my 14th wedding anniversary.”

UAENAs, IU’s fans, also noticed that her documentary, Pieces, shed light on the same problem. The documentary follows the Palette singer to the clinic, providing fans with insight into her hearing condition. Naturally, admirers poured their hearts out for the actress, who has been Korea’s most successful and well-known soloist for over a decade. THE GOLDEN HOUR event was IU’s first offline performance in three years, and she went above and beyond to provide fans with an amazing experience.


After IU spoke out about her health during THE GOLDEN HOUR performance, fans wished her a speedy recovery and encouraged her to take care of herself. Meanwhile, IU announced that she would no longer include Palette and Good Day in her concert repertoire, making THE GOLDEN HOUR the final time fans heard the two songs live. Approximately 85,000 people experienced the singer’s magic, including some K-pop celebrities.

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