Isha Escribano Wiki: How Old Is She? Family & Bio

Isha Escribano’s Wikipedia page is removed from the official site, making it difficult for her admirers and worldwide followers to learn about her age and career statistics. Escribano is a well-known consultant, author, and journalist who has published several articles and books. Isha, on the other hand, is a professional psychologist, influencer, and model.

M.D., the journalist, is a well-known business and organization workshop and speech organizer. Diversity, equality, inclusion, belonging, holistic well-being, and personal development are among her primary interests. Escribano underlines that everyone might profit from reading about her anguish as a result of her spiritual path. It is also stated by the author that it is not just for persons who are dissatisfied with the gender identification given to them at birth. The author may be found on Instagram under the account @ishaescribano. The author has over 272k followers on her verified account and has produced 397 articles.

Who Is Isha Escribano? Bio and Wikipedia

The Wikipedia entry for Isha Escribano is now missing, however, a few websites have covered her author life and several interviews. With Escribano’s consulting, educational background, and literary, scientific, spiritual, and artistic endeavors, the model has lately established herself as an acknowledged expert in those domains, with substantial experience and skill.

Isha Escribano


Isha’s primary goal is to assist individuals, companies, and organizations in transforming themselves, motivating their employees, reducing stress, developing their potential, and discovering love and empowerment inside themselves. Despite the absence of a Wikipedia page for Isha Escribano, it is well-recognized that she is a well-known yoga and meditation teacher, life coach, and spiritual adviser. In the future, Wikipedia administrators may identify the model and construct Isha Escribano Wikipedia so that her fans may quickly obtain information about her profession. As a journalist and writer, Isha published over 500 opinion articles, travelogues, essays, and interviews in various graphic media in Argentina and abroad, particularly between 1998 and 2007.

The author also authored essays for radio shows and hosted a three-year-long health-related television show on CableVisión’s P&E channel. Over the preceding 20 years, the influencer has played over a thousand performances on stages all around the globe in a variety of musical combinations, including solo, trio, quintet, and septet.

Isha Escribano’s Age: How Old Is She?

Isha Escribano’s age is unclear since the author has led a secluded life and has not revealed any of her personal information. There is a lot of information about Isha’s profession and accomplishments on the internet, but very little about her personal life. Throughout her life, the author has lived in many cities such as Boston, New York, Cambridge, Berlin, Zurich, and Stockholm.

Isha Escribano

Escribano is fluent in English, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Sanskrit, and Spanish. Since 2001, the journalist has been holding lectures and events. Escribano has also given a TEDx talk. The UN Agency for Refugees ACNUR appointed the psychotherapist to the “Ponchos Azules” in 2020. In April 2021, she was honored by the Argentine organization Propuesta Mujer for her efforts to promote women’s rights. Escribano has taught yoga, mantras, meditation, breathing methods, and old Indian philosophical knowledge to over 40 thousand individuals over the last 25 years, especially in Latin America and the United States. Isha has studied the Vedic sciences for over 30 years and has a Fellowship in Buddhism and Hinduism from the University of Cambridge in England.

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