Is There Any Relation Between Henry Cavill And Matt Bomer?

Everyone has a doppelgänger, and it’s not just average folks that run across them. – Celebrities are no exception. Many celebrities resemble one another, leading many people to wonder whether they are connected. Such is the case with Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer, who resemble each other so strongly that many people believe they are siblings or distant relatives.

They have very similar blue eyes, strong low brows, and sculpted features. Cavill, on the other hand, is six years younger and likely has at least a foot and 75 pounds on Bomer. And none of these twin performers is linked to the other. Cavill was reared by parents Marianne and Colin Cavill in Jersey, UK, among four brothers. Meanwhile, Bomer was born in Missouri to Elizabeth Macy and John O’Neill Bomer. Apart from their various upbringings, they may also be recognized for their several well-known undertakings. Bomer grew to prominence after his success on American Horror Story, whilst Cavill amassed a big fan base after portraying DC’s Superman.

Both Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill were thought to be Superman material.

Cavill was not the only candidate considered for the role of the red-cap superhero. Bomer was contacted for the part of Superman before he was cast in 2013’s Man of Steel: Dawn of Justice. The American Horror Story actor said in a 2015 interview with the podcast Happy, Sad, Confused that he was originally cast in a J.J. A Superman film directed by J.J. Abrams and Brett Ratner that never materialized.

“I had screen tested in tights with Amy Adams.” I believe Paul Walker, myself and the other individual were there during that session. Fortunately, [Ratner] picked me for the project. Getting the part was a long procedure. “I believe it was three months,” the actor remarked.

Henry Cavill

But then the project fell through. For a month, Bomer thought, “OK, it’s going to happen,” but it never happened. The actor, on the other hand, has no regrets. He claimed he had gotten to perform such a broad assortment of roles that portraying Superman would have eclipsed everything else and typecast him.

Matt Bomer and Henry Cavill on Looking Alike

As for their uncanny resemblance, it is not just the fans who are aware of it. The actors have seen how readily fans have mistaken one for the other. During an interview, Cavill discussed how his followers were requesting him to autograph a portrait of Bomer.

“There’s one picture of Matt Bomer that people want me to keep signing.” He’s half-submerged on his side in the water. People keep presenting it to me, and I’m like, ‘I would love to sign this for you, but that is not me.’ There are definitely face structure similarities,” Cavill said.

Henry Cavill

While appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’ Internet Booth of Wonders, Bomer also commented on the similarities. He wasn’t startled to see Cavill as his lookalike. “I was aware of it. That was provided. By the way, I wish that was my appearance. “I’m sorry to bring your name up, Henry Cavill,” remarked Bomer.

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