Is Sarah Hay Dating Anyone? Relationship Timeline & Family

After receiving Golden Globe, Critics Choice, and other nominations, people are now interested in more about Sarah Hay Boyfriend. Is she involved with Brandon Boyd? Sarah came to attention as one of Hollywood’s emerging stars after appearing in the 2015 film Flesh & Bone. She was nominated for Golden Globes, Critics’ Choice, and Satellite Awards in 2016 as a result of the mini-series. She also received the Satellite Award for her performance.

Sarah’s success may cause viewers to believe she has it easy in the profession. That is not the case, since the woman went through a lot before breaking through. Hay started her career as a dancer, where she was frequently evaluated for her figure. She persevered and pursued her dance love before making her acting debut in 1997. Since then, the rising star has dabbled in film production, directing, cinematography, and editing. She has a few credits in each of the categories listed.

Is Sarah Hay’s boyfriend Brandon Boyd? Timeline of a Relationship

The Flesh and Bone actress is well-known in the business for her dedication and skill. During her pro ballet days, she reportedly abandoned other interests to concentrate completely on her dance profession. Because of her concentration on her professional dancing career, the lady’s relationships went apart during that time. Her dating history, on the other hand, is limited. Sarah Hay is now supposed to be dating Brandon Boyd, the main vocalist of Incubus. The latter has recorded several albums with the band as well as two solo albums. Following their frequent social media postings, many began to speculate about Sarah and Brandon’s connection. The couple may be seen in their postings enjoying one other’s company and spending precious time together.

Sarah Hay

However, confirming Hay and Boyd’s relationship news is difficult since numerous websites have kept silent on the subject. So, what’s the reality; are they really in a relationship? You guessed it! Sarah and Brandon are in a relationship. The singer revealed the retired dancer as his girlfriend during an interview with MetroStyle. Although the couple never labeled their connection, their closeness and chemistry hinted at a blossoming romance. They also seem to have been together for some time.

Sarah Hay’s Family History

Now that we’ve established that Sarah Hay is actually dating Brandon Boyd, let’s discover more about her family. Well, the former dancer was born in New Jersey as one of her parents’ three children. Sarah Hay’s parents were both amateur dancers and therapists. Similarly, Sarah’s grandmother was a member of the New York Philharmonic, and her grandfather was a New York art dealer.

Sarah Hay

Growing up in a dance family, it was unsurprising to see Sarah acquire an interest in the sport from an early age. She began taking dancing lessons when she was three years old. It was difficult for Hay throughout her ballet years. She was labeled a loser at the ballet school since she was curvaceous and did not come from an affluent family. Despite all odds, Sarah emerged like a phoenix and followed ballet with zeal. She has received various acting jobs after her success in Flesh & Bone. Sarah Hay’s career is advancing, and her numerous roles continue to astound audiences. We wish her every success in the future.

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