Is Mia Healey Dating Erana James, Her ‘The Wilds’ Co-Star?

The Wilds aired on Amazon Prime Video in December 2020 and was renewed for a second season on May 13, 2022. The first ten episodes feature a group of high school students from various backgrounds who are forced to go into survival mode after becoming stuck on a remote island after a plane crash.

The trauma of being lost in the midst of nowhere causes them to fight. However, as they discovered more about each other, they formed a friendship, and some, like Erana James’ Toni and Mia Healey’s Shelby, even fell in love.
Fans were immediately drawn to their lovely romance plotline, with some even questioning whether they were dating in real life.

Mia Healey and Erana James Dating

The couple was caught talking to each other on Instagram Live a few times in a fan edit compilation video released to YouTube by Alexa edits.

A fan questioned them whether they were dating in real life during an IG Live. “After a little pause, Healey replied, “Perhaps a little,” to which James replied, “I love you, I do,” to which Healey replied, “You better!” In actual life, I adore you “James burst out laughing at this.

In another IG live, the two discussed how they met and how their characters on the program date. In 2018, the co-stars met for Healey’s birthday. She was vaping when James mistakenly assumed the vape was a pen and asked if she could borrow the pen.

Healey emphasized that it was a vape, and perhaps it was her tone of speech, but James had a negative initial impression of her. Later on, though, they became excellent friends. They also admitted that they had no idea their characters would end up falling in love.

“No, we had no idea. However, we were ecstatic when we found out. It was fantastic since we wanted to collaborate as much as possible “Healey responded.

Mia Healey and Erana James’ Friendship

Because they disclosed something about Healey messaging a boy in another interview, it appears that the actors are merely friends and not dating off-screen.

The cast of The Wilds did a game with Prime Video in which they had to share and explain what photo, text, or DM they arrived on while scrolling through their phones.

When it was James’ time, she shared an amusing story about Healey texting a guy to let him know her phone was damaged and she couldn’t reply to his texts.

Even though fans who are rooting for them may be unhappy that they are not dating, the actors are good pals.
“It was extremely easy for me to form a relationship with Toni since Erana and I are very good friends off-camera, which is fortunate because we already have that natural chemistry. We obtained our own place and lived together throughout the first season of filming “CinemaBlend spoke with Healey. She stated that after the filming, they would return home and discuss their roles and scenarios.

They’d talk about their feelings towards each other’s characters and make sure they were physically connected. Their friendship has contributed to their on-screen chemistry.

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