Is Lucy Hale Dating Anyone? Relationships And Dating History

Lucy Hale, a household figure because of her great performances, particularly in “Pretty Little Liars,” often leaves fans and the media perplexed about her secret love life. On February 22, there were rumors of her dating Skeet Ulrich after photos of the two seemed to be having a passionate moment. However, as the mystery unfolds, recent 2023 updates show Lucy Hale may be unmarried. Let’s go a little further into her love history.

Lucy’s thriving profession not only adds to her achievements but also exposes her to co-stars and friends. These acquaintances might occasionally stimulate ideas. Lucy has always made headlines, from her “The Hating Game” co-star Austin Stowell to her early 2021 date with Skeet at Sweet Butter Kitchen in Sherman Oaks, California. Despite this, the actress’s 20-year age gap with Skeet didn’t bother them.

Lucy’s Previous Relationships: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Lucy Hale’s romances have always piqued people’s interest. Between 2007 and 2009, she was associated with David Henrie in her early career. Their relationship, however, came to an end, and David went on, finding love elsewhere. Following that, Lucy had brief periods with Joel Crouse in 2014 and Adam Pitts from 2014 to 2015. With Tony Oller in the picture, 2015 looked to be a little more interesting. Later that year, Lucy had a short connection with someone called Smith.

Lucy Hale

Skeet Ulrich and Lucy’s Brief Romance

Lucy Hale and Skeet Ulrich of “Scream” and “Riverdale” fame painted the town crimson in early 2021. The paparazzi routinely photographed their outside dates and informal meetups. Despite the fact that Skeet was 20 years older, the pair declared that their age difference was not a problem. Despite the possibilities of this relationship, it seemed to be a “trial run,” and the pair finally split ways, although with no hard feelings, according to inside sources.

A Sneak Peek at ‘The Hating Game’

“The Hating Game,” Lucy’s forthcoming film, will be released on December 10. The romantic comedy, starring Lucy and Austin Stowell, is about two publishing industry competitors who share an office. Their incessant squabbles finally build to surprising chemistry, mirroring Lucy’s own erratic love life.

Lucy Hale

Lucy’s Perspective on Relationships

Lucy Hale’s dating history reveals that age is simply a number for her. She talked about the benefits of dating older guys after her romance with Skeet Ulrich. Lucy underlined that dating older guys gives the relationship a no-nonsense attitude. She has been vocal about not settling for less than she feels she is entitled to, even if it means being unmarried. Lucy is a firm believer in maintaining high standards in relationships, and she lives by this philosophy.


Lucy Hale’s love life, like her work, is an ever-changing adventure. She looks to be unmarried as of 2023, but who knows what the future holds? After all, Lucy’s unpredictable heart and high standards add to the intrigue of her love life.

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