Is India Arie Married? Everything You Need Know About Her Relationships

India Arie, also known as Arie Simpson, requires no introduction. Since her debut album Acoustic Soul in 2001, the legendary singer has consistently produced beautiful music songs. She received 23 Grammy nominations for her incredible singing abilities, winning four of them.

While her reign over the music industry is exhilarating, the same cannot be said for her personal life, as the Colorado native has yet to meet the man of her dreams!

India Arie Confronted Dating Rumors with Chris Tucker

In June 2020, rumors spread that Arie had been secretly dating American actor Chris Tucker for 13 years. The rumors spread like wildfire, with fans backing up the claims with photos.

The singer quickly rose to the top of Twitter’s trending topics. And it didn’t take her long to notice the hype, dismissing all fan theories in a series of tweets on June 5, 2020.

Arie expressed his disbelief at the rumors in the first post, claiming that the gossip was a robust black love “tea.” In another tweet, she addressed the rumors, stating that she was not dating Tucker. Instead, she admitted that they had gone on a date or two thirteen years prior and that she had no recollection of them.

“For you who LOVED the IDEA, Chris Tucker and I as a couple lol, I feel you,” the ‘Steady Love’ singer wrote in her most recent post, empathizing with her fans.

Is India Arie Married?

At the time of this writing, Arie is 45 years old, but she has never married or had children. She is living an unconventional life, focusing on her career and business since the age of 25.

That is not to say she has never been in a committed relationship. According to her appearance on The Real on January 26, 2020, the 45-year-old was on the verge of marrying twice.

She even got engaged to one of her boyfriends and started planning her wedding, but the relationship eventually ended. The singer also discussed how she trusted her instincts before entering into any relationship.
She admitted that every man gave her a tingling sensation. If the tingling sensation appeared on her right side, she would reject the man, but if it appeared on her left side, she would approve of him.

The interviewer continued the conversation by asking Arie if she wished to have a husband someday. “Kind of,” she replied cheerfully. The soul singer went on to say that she desired to be with someone she could marry.

Arie went on to say that she didn’t like being with the same person every day, but that she would like to meet someone who would challenge her viewpoint. She is ready for love and waiting for Mr. Right to appear in her life, in her own words.

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