Is ‘Dance Moms’ A Scripted show? Alums Spill the Tea

Though Dance Moms is classified as an unscripted reality television show, viewers have been skeptical of the claim for quite some time. The show is filled with drama, as players frequently clash with their peers. Dance Moms alums, including Maddie Ziegler, have revealed if the show has been scripted over the last few years.

Is Dance Moms a scripted show?

While none of the alums have explicitly declared that Dance Moms is scripted, several have confirmed the fact that what is portrayed on film is not how things genuinely are.

Ziegler previously revealed to USA Today that much of the conflict between the moms in the show was fabricated.

“It’s difficult to produce a reality show when there is so much sobbing and drama.” “The producers set it up such that we all yelled at each other,” she explained.

“Remember how I said that mom’s fight? The moms have a phony quarrel every now and then. They just start discussing and laughing about it after that.”

The Real Story of Dance Moms

Payton Ackerman, like Dolph Ziggler, has spoken out about it. She recounted how she ended up on the show in a video posted on her YouTube page.

Ackerman explained that she was at a facility for a dance class when people from the show invited her and her mother to return so they could film the Lifetime reality show.

But, because Ackerman and her mother had driven for an hour to get to her class. Her mother refused and became irritated.

“She went downstairs and opened the studio door…” and began to sound like it was going off,” she recalled. “She was like, ‘You’re not going to spend my money, you’re not going to waste my time, you’re not going to waste her time.”

Throughout the incident, there was a cameraman behind Ackerman’s mother who “liked the drama.” The next day, Ackerman and her mother were invited to film an episode of Dance Moms. Several other alums have also stated that, while not everything mentioned on the show was true, folks did mean every word they uttered at times.

In the aforementioned video, Ackerman also discussed how her representation on the show had harmed her real-life image.

When she competed in the first episode, the producers asked her if she believed she did better than the other participants (the other groups).

Ackerman concurred

However, when the show aired on television, it was manipulated to make it appear. As if she made the statement about the other girls she was dancing with.

“Everyone who saw the episode after that hated me,” she explained. “The show’s females turned on me. In preparation for the show. My mother was turned against by the other mothers. It was really a crazed shambles.”

The abuse she got lasted until she finished filming for the show. People were ringing her house phone in the middle of the night. And several were knocking on her family’s front door.

Her situation had deteriorated to the point that she had received death threats. However, this isn’t the only topic on which the show’s alumni have spoken out.n Many others have also commented on how aggressively Abby Lee Miller, the show’s dancing instructor, shouted at them, suggesting that her behavior was even worse off camera.

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