Is Ciara Pregnant? Know The Truth About Tik Tok Viral Video

Ciara Princess Wilson, generally known as Ciara, soon became the hot subject of debate amongst her admirers after a TikTok user [@Lolaloveu5] uploaded her fan moment with the legendary singer-songwriter.
In the video, the fangirl showed Ciara donning a low-key dress while stating she was a passionate admirer.

“POV you meet an icon when you look insane,” she said, adding a laughing emoji. “This beat is automatic supersonic hypnotic funky fresh Ciara? Yes ma’am.”

The video, however, didn’t get viral solely for the fan moment. It was largely because the fangirl accidentally spilled the beans about the singer apparently being pregnant with her fourth kid. A close look at the clip, and one can plainly see Ciara flaunting a baby bump.

Fangirl Spoke On Ciara Being Pregnant

After the video was posted, it became attention for Ciara’s growing tummy, confounding many fans if it was indeed her baby bump or just a rising belly due to weight gain.

“I’m sure she didn’t realize till y’all pointed it out .. she likely not even pregnant.. let her live,” a user on TikTok remarked.

Another asked, “Why would you spoil her announcement?”

Meanwhile, the fangirl, who shared the video with Ciara, also talked up about her opinions on the ongoing issue.

“In my defense I didn’t even notice she was pregnant. When I stated I just found out it since y’all pointed it out to me. I had no evil intentions,” she added.

“Before the video we shot 3 photographs but I looked so weird I asked her if I could just film a video of her.”

Going by her message, pinned on her video’s comment section, she hadn’t thought that Ciara might be pregnant, and she took away her announcement. After the fans started pointing out the idea of Ciara disguising her pregnancy, she recognized what she had done.

Is Ciara Actually Pregnant?

The reports about Ciara expecting her 4th baby have been floating around since late 2021. Fans originally assumed she was pregnant when her Instagram video went viral. Some of her fans were certain she was showing off a baby bump in the video.

In the video, she purportedly urged her social media fans to expect better things in the future. Similarly, the singer’s fans were once again persuaded that she was concealing a baby bump after witnessing her February 5, 2022, trailer to her current Ten to One Caribbean rum promotion.

“Are you pregnant @ciara ? This is giving me hiding little bump feelings,” someone questioned.

“I was lookin at that stomach Ciara …… girl u baking???” another added.

However, despite the persistent rumors and speculations, the singer is yet to clarify if she is expecting a new kid. Ciara welcomed her first kid, son Future Zahir Wilburn, on May 19, 2014, with her then-partner, rapper Future.
She subsequently canceled her engagement with Future and went on with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

With the quarterback, she subsequently gave birth to their first [her second] kid, a daughter, Sienna Princess Wilson, on April 28, 2017. Afterward, the couple had a son, Win Harrison Wilson, on July 23, 2020.

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