Is Charlene De Cicco Married or Dating Anyone? Wiki And Net Worth Details

Charlene from Milf Manor is a highlight for many viewers in the entertainment sector since she is a daring and bright lady on the rise as a television personality. Many people watch various reality programs, and TLC has produced a one-of-a-kind dating series called “Milf Manor,” which features the participation of women aged forty to sixty.

Similarly, lovely and stunning ladies come forward to form a mutual relationship with a younger guy, adding unique twists and spices to the program and garnering a worldwide audience. Charlene is another participant who has emerged from this reality program, and many viewers have been curious about her personal whereabouts in addition to her professional life.

Who Is Milf Manor’s Charlene De Cicco? Age

Charlene De Cicco, from the reality dating program Milf Manor, is one of the eight participants who have shown an interest in exploring new locations and traveling, which is one of her hobbies. Her birth year is unclear, but she is in her mid-40s; she has not allowed her age to define her personality, as she is wonderfully assertive and presentable.

She has a background in the hotel sector but has recently emerged as a reality star whose name is well-known among viewers. Her presence on social media has allowed the public to learn more about her as she provides frequent updates on her current lifestyle and images that connect the audience to the outside of her on-screen appearances.

Charlene De Cicco

Charlene De Cicco’s Husband And Children

Charlene De Cicco is honest about her relationship in public and prioritizes her children above her work life. Similarly, she is the mother of Ashly, Nicholas, Dara, and Harrison, all of whom are close. Besides, she left a bad married relationship and is secretive about her partner’s whereabouts. Dara just made Charlene a grandma, and Ashly and Nicholas often upload amusing stuff online. Harrison is a developing model. Her four children have been a huge part of her life, and she shares beautiful moments with her loved ones that seem unshakable. Her family life is popular with many viewers.

Charlene De Cicco’s Net Worth in 2023

Charlene De Cicco has not disclosed her net worth, however, based on her activeness and interest in her job, she may be worth millions by 2023. She is heavily engaged in the hotel and entertainment industries, which contributes to her income. Charlene works as a Producer at Vision Productions, thus she is well-known among the public as well.

Charlene De Cicco

DeCicco also presents the discussion program ‘Addiction Recovery Television,’ which discusses subjects related to addiction and recovery. She has also appeared in films such as ‘Truth or Dare,’ ‘This Much,’ and ‘Skin.’ The exceptional celebrity has a broad list of qualities and skills that make her popular with viewers. She is also a Heavy Weight Boxer who competed against Lady Street Fighter in her first bout. Furthermore, she won the championship and brought home the belt and title. As a result, she advocates for mental health and raises awareness via her social media accounts.

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