Is Brie Larson A Gay?

Did you know that a 10-year-old Brie Larson would probably spend an hour of recess on the library computer Googling Wikihow for “How do you know if you’re gay?”

Larson’s response to an internet quiz about herself may not have been anyone’s first choice, but it was the correct one. For her YouTube channel, she took the quiz. When questioned, “Is Brie Larson gay?” this footage became everyone’s go-to response.

Despite her remark, she hasn’t formally declared herself gay. Fans are looking forward to seeing gay Brie Larson on screen. Larson has a boyfriend, whom she frequently flaunts on social media, thus she is highly unlikely to be a lesbian.

Fans haven’t given up hope, either. They are delighted to see Larson as queer on screen, if not in real life, especially after noticing the LGBT overtones in her MCU blockbuster Captain Marvel.
Take a look at some of the tweets below!

Larson’s character not having a male love interest was one of the queer undertones highlighted. She also had a daughter with another female character in the film, Maria Rambeau, a fellow Air Force pilot (Lashana Lynch). On the other hand, Larson and Lynch’s on-screen relationship was far from canonical.

Brie Larson captain marvel
Brie Larson captain marvel

Directors Didn’t Shut Down The Larson-Lynch Lesbian Chemistry

When Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the directors of Captain Marvel, were asked if the fans were on to something, they offered Comic Book Movie (via Cosmopolitan) a cryptic answer.

The directors admitted that Larson having a romantic relationship in the first Captain Marvel movie was something they discussed in the initial stages of production.

When questioned if the fans were on to something, Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the directors of Captain Marvel, gave a cryptic response to Comic Book Movie (via Cosmopolitan).

Larson’s love relationship in the first Captain Marvel film was something the directors explored early on in the production process, according to the directors.

They later determined that the plot was already too complicated to include a romantic subplot. Nonetheless, they were fully aware of how fans had shipped specific characters in the film and had no objections to the idea.

Because several of the world’s largest entertainment markets would not allow LGBTQ representation on screen, Marvel has traditionally avoided emphasizing LGBTQ+ characters in their big-budget initiatives.

Although it’s understandable that a commercial franchise would hold back on a few things if it meant access to broader markets, the fact that LGBTQ+ representation has suffered as a result of that hesitation is, to say the least, frustrating.

The LGBTQ+ Superhero In MCU

But, to give credit where credit is due, director Kevin Feige stated in 2019 that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie would be the first LGBTQ+ superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Since then, fans have jumped on board to see the Thompson-Larson duo on the big screen. Thankfully, during an appearance at the ACE Comic-Con event in 2019 (via Them), the duo confirmed their theories.

When a moderator asked the two actors what fans can expect to see in an upcoming project, a loud voice in the audience said, “Lesbians!”

“How can I top ‘lesbians,’” Larson replied, a now-legendary answer.

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