Inside Kenny Chesney And Mary Nolan Dating History

Kenny Chesney has had a long and successful career as a country music artist. He is well-known for exposing his audience to popular love ballads such as ‘Never Wanted Nothing More’ and ‘When the Sun Goes Down.’ Much is known about his musical career, but little is known about the private artist’s personal life. However, in this piece, we will go over all we know about his love life, from who his girlfriend is to whether or not he has children.

Who Is Kenny Chesney Dating?

Chesney has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Mary Nolan since 2012, according to HITC. Unfortunately, nothing is known about Chesney and his girlfriend and their relationship since they like to keep their personal lives private. However, the pair have been photographed together on other occasions.

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They were first seen together in public in 2014 when the country musician took his girlfriend as his date to the American Country Countdown Awards in Nashville. Nolan sat in the crowd behind him, not alongside him. They were seen together for the second time at the 2016 Country Music Awards. Chesney received the coveted Pinnacle Award during the ceremony, and his girlfriend even congratulated him with a kiss.

Is He Married to Grace Potter?

Chesney was connected to various women before his romance with Nolan. One of them was Grace Potter, a fellow country musician with whom he worked on his song “You and Tequila.” The song garnered the couple a Grammy nomination and a Top 5 smash, but Potter says she knew nothing about the artist until he approached her about working together.

Potter told The Boot that following their successful song, they remained great friends and worked on other projects together. The couple never married, although Chesney was famously married to Renée Zellweger. Zellweger and Chesney met during NBC’s Concert of Hope telethon in January 2005, and they married in May. Unfortunately, the couple declared their annulment four months later, citing “fraud” as the cause.

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Many fans mistakenly assumed that “fraud” indicated Chesney was homosexual, but this was not the case.
The singer detailed the reason to Playboy in 2009. “In order for us to acquire an annulment, the legal paperwork had to state physical abuse or four other things, all of which were false.” Fraud was the finest thing we could put in there. So I told her, ‘All right, do it.’ ‘Whatever,’” Chesney said.

Is Kenny Chesney Married?

Despite the fact that Chesney was previously married and has been in a long-term relationship with his partner, he does not have children. He told Parade in August 2010 that he wanted to have children one day but wouldn’t be devastated if it didn’t happen. He said that he didn’t wake up every day and that he missed it in his life.


However, this does not preclude the performer from singing about becoming a parent. In 2003, he published ‘There Goes My Existence,’ a heartfelt song about how a man’s priorities shift over time to the point when his daughter becomes his whole life. The song topped the Billboard charts and became one of his most successful tunes.

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