Inside Dylan Sprouse And Barbara Palvin Romantic Life

Dylan Sprouse and his twin brother Cole Sprouse’s love lives have been a source of speculation since they were children. The twins rose to prominence as the stars of Disney’s series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. People have always worried about whether they had a girlfriend or not since their time at Disney. Cole’s love life has been a roller coaster, but his twin brothers are not. Since 2018, Dylan has been in a relationship with Barbara Palvin.

Is Dylan Sprouse Married?

Sprouse isn’t married. In truth, he has never been married and has only had long-term partnerships. Palvin, Victoria’s Secret model, is his current girlfriend. In the summer of 2018, the two began dating in secret. In 2019, they informed W Magazine that the model was the first to follow Dylan on Instagram. The actor then slipped down her DMs but received no response. However, after a while, she responded to him, and the two began talking. Dylan was in China shooting a movie at the time.

Dylan Sprouse

Palvin packed her belongings and traveled to see him there. The first time she met the actor, she knew he was the one for her. She wanted to be exclusive with him, and they may have been so as well. This is due to the fact that they were often photographed after Palvin’s trip to China. Palvin made their relationship on Instagram public when she uploaded a photo of herself and her beau wishing him a happy birthday on his 26th birthday. She has often uploaded images of the two, gushing about how much she loves her lover.

Dylan Sprouse’s girlfriend

Dylan and Palvin’s relationship was serious after just a few months. The pair then traveled to Palvin’s homeland of Budapest, Hungary, in August 2018. Later, the actor said that he attempted to learn Hungarian in order to converse with his girlfriend’s parents. He stated that he was not worried, but the linguistic issue hampered him. Regardless, he made every effort to communicate with his partner’s family.

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan and Palvin made their red carpet debut as a pair in the later part of 2018. The actor was on hand to cheer on his girlfriend as she walked Victoria’s Secret catwalk. He rose from his seat as she went down the runway. He also brought her Shake Shack sandwiches to consume after the performance.

Dylan and Palvin’s friendship reached a watershed moment in early 2019. Palvin met Dylan’s twin Cole in February after they moved in together in January. They experienced the pandemic together in 2020 and recorded a documentary about their experience. From August 18, 2020, through March 2, 2021, they published their documentary Breaking Ground on Instagram. Aside from that, they continue to appear in public and share their love story on Instagram. Overall, Dylan’s relationship with his fiancée seemed to be going well.

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