Inside Anthony Carrigan And Gia Olimp Married Life

In 2008, Anthony Carrigan made his television debut on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Since then, the actor’s career has been on the rise. For his portrayal as NOHO Hank in Barry, he received his first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series in 2019. According to the actor, his character was a Chechen gangster who had committed atrocities, yet he was also gentle and innocent.

“I’ve never portrayed someone like this role before.” “The authors have done such a great job of just giving me the gift of such lovely prose,” the actor remarked. Many people have grown to respect his skill and are intrigued about his personal life as a result of his acting abilities. Here’s a look at the actor’s romantic life.

Anthony Carrigan Wife

Carrigan married his bride, Gia Olimp, on June 22, 2018. The pair keeps their relationship quiet, and the actor seldom posts images of her on social media, although he has spoken about their love story in interviews. During an appearance on NBC’s Late Night With Seth Meyers, he revealed that he encountered Olimp by coincidence on the New York subway in 2015.

Anthony Carrigan

The actor and his Serbian companion were on the same train, and he got off at the incorrect station while looking her out. His wife had also gotten off at the incorrect stop, so instead of heading to his goal, he walked up to speak with her. He approached her and struck up a conversation. When she removed her headphones to speak to him, he informed the host that he knew the attraction was mutual. The two clicked, and the rest is history.

Anthony Carrigan on Marriage

In 2019, the pair attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and they couldn’t stop raving over each other on the red carpet. He stated that his married life was “amazing,” particularly when he woke up every day close to his beautiful wife. When questioned about his performance in Barry, Olimp said that she was proud of him.

Carrigan’s wife said:

“I am overjoyed. Have you not noticed him? Come on, you’re so proud. “I am a bit too proud and weep a little,”

Anthony Carrigan

She said that she had no idea she could love so passionately until she met Carrigan, describing him as the “guy of her dreams and a great inspiration.” As a married couple, they naturally spent a lot of time together, and one of their favorite activities was playing chess together. Carrigan, the husband of a professional chess player, said that his wife taught him how to play, which was not going as well as they had hoped. He stated that chess was a challenging game for him and that he wasn’t very bright. Even though she was harsh on him, the actor was thankful she attempted to expose him to her culture.

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