iKON’ Junhoe Has Been Set To Star With Yoo In-na In The Forthcoming Drama “Bora! Deborah”

On December 19, iKON’s Junhoe was officially announced to join Yoo In-na, Yoon Hyun-min, and Joo Sang-wook in the forthcoming romantic drama Bora! Deborah. The casting announcement was given by a representative from the idol’s agency, YG Entertainment, who said that the idol would participate in ENA’s forthcoming drama.

The K-drama will tell the tale of Deborah, a popular relationship coach and social media influencer who succeeds at offering love and dating advice but fails at her own personal life. However, she meets Lee Soo-hyuk, and a love story begins to develop, drastically altering her life. Junhoe will play Yang Jin-ho, a man who succeeds at everything but has no idea what he really desires.

Junhoe’s personality Yang Jin-ho is the pinnacle of excellence.

Junhoe will portray Yang Jin-ho, a young guy in his twenties. He excels in practically everything, including athletics, singing, and cooking delectable meals. Despite his various talents, he struggles to understand what he really desires. The character idol has been characterized as someone who seeks loyal affection. The idol’s persona is near-perfect due to his amazing and extraordinary abilities.

iKON' Junhoe

Yang Jin-ho wants to be loved by someone who is gentle and loyal like he is. The idol is reported to bring the role to life and add charm to the next K-drama in his own unique style. The idol, who is also looking forward to his part in Bora! Deborah revealed:

“I am extremely happy since this is my first drama, and I feel tremendously privileged to be able to be part of this fantastic production. I will work hard to offer viewers and supporters a different aspect of me, so please show a lot of curiosity and affection.”

While Junhoe portrays the part of Yang Jin-ho, Yoo In-na takes the role of dating counselor Deborah. She answers questions about other people’s love lives as an honest social media influencer. She is also an outstanding writer and best-selling author. However, she has had little success with men and is often deceived.

Lee So-role hyuk’s will be played by Yoon Hyun-min. He seems to be a cold and uncaring guy to others, yet he is passionate about his profession. Following his dynamic nature, he might be a perfectionist when it comes to dating, but he can also be deceived. However, things start to change for Deborah and Lee So-hyuk when they meet one other and express their innermost ideas on love and relationships.

iKON' Junhoe

Han Sang-jin, the CEO of a publishing business, will be replaced by Lee Sang-wool. He comes across as a laid-back individual who doesn’t spend time on romantic relationships and wants to live in the current moment, without thinking too much about the unknown future. It would be intriguing to watch Junhoe and Yoo In-na co-star in the drama since she has long supported the former. Yoo In-na appeared in the reality program Mix and Match with Junhoe in 2014.

She even made a remark:

“There was only one guy to vote for, and that was Junhoe, and I told myself that if he didn’t make it, I would file a complaint.”

Learn more about Junhoe, a K-pop star.

Junhoe is a singer, dancer, and actor. He is a member of the K-pop group iKON and has featured as a regular member on various TV series, including One Tree Member, iKON-ON: 2022 Profile Update, and ikon on Air. He previously appeared in episode 4 of YG Future Strategy Office in 2018 and made his acting debut as the lead in the film Even If I Die, One More Time.

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