“I Live Alone” Dominates The November Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings

MBC’s renowned variety program Home Alone has once again topped the Variety Show Brand Reputation Index rankings. The program earned #1 in the November issue of the Korean Business Institute’s rankings for the second consecutive month. The Korean Business Institute creates the index of the most popular variety of television programs by performing an in-depth examination of numerous aspects such as consumer engagement, audience interaction, media coverage, community awareness, and viewership index.

In the rankings, 50 popular variety programs were nominated over the course of a month. This analysis data was gathered between October 6 and November 6. The reality program Home Alone provides viewers with an inside glimpse into the lives of their favorite celebrities as they go about their daily lives. Viewers are welcomed inside the homes of the participants, allowing them to get a closer look at their everyday life.

Home Alone’s brand reputation has dipped somewhat Since last month.

Home Alone is a one-of-a-kind MBC variety program that explores the lives of some of the most well-known celebrities who live alone. With an astounding brand reputation score of 6,722,730, the show raced past the October edition of the Variety Show Brand Reputation Index. This was a 27.21% increase over the previous month’s score. A similar rise, however, was not seen in the most recent Variety Show Brand Reputation Ranking. In November, the program achieved a brand reputation score of 6,405,867, a 4.7% decrease from October.

I Live Alone

In the show’s keyword analysis, the phrases “Jun Hyun Moo,” “Honey J,” and “Lee Chanhyuk” performed well, while the show’s highest-ranking connected keywords were “reveal,” “award,” and “not fair.” The show’s positivity-negativity research yielded a score of 80.53 percent positive responses.

Running Man and National Singing Contest trail Home Alone in the top three slots.

Running Man, the phenomenon variety program on SBS, was in the second position in November’s Variety Show Brand Reputation Rankings. The show’s brand reputation score was 5,257,822. Since October, the show’s popularity has increased by 22.27%. Participants in this program must compete against one another in a variety of tasks in order to receive prizes and avoid punishments. Jin, BTS’ phenomenal K-pop star, will appear as a contestant in the next episode of Running Man on November 6.

I Live Alone

KBS’ National Singing Contest rounds out the top three. The National Singing Contest ended on the podium for the month of November with a brand reputation index score of 4,263,563. This marks a 12.74 percent gain over the previous month. The National Singing Contest, like other singing variety entertainment shows like American Idol and The Voice, is a show where amateur singers who get through the preliminary rounds present their performance and compete against one another. On November 11, 2022, the next episode of Home Alone will air.

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