HyunA Announces Her Split From Dawn On Social Media 

HyunA and DAWN, K-pop stars and power couple, have split up, and the former announced the news on her Instagram account. On November 30, HyunA said that the couple had split and that they had agreed to be excellent friends and coworkers in the future. She also thanked fans for their unwavering support and encouragement of their love.

The I’m Not Cool singer posted on Instagram:

“We split up. We chose to continue as excellent friends and coworkers. Thank you for always being there for us and watching over us.”

Dawn has not yet said anything about the separation on social media at the time of writing.

HyunA and DAWN made their romance public In 2018.

HyunA and DAWN began dating in May 2016. They did not, however, confirm the news until 2018. After their relationship became public, the two were fired from their agency, CUBE Entertainment. The duo found a home with PSY’s record company, P Nation, and released various songs and music, as well as collaborating on an extended play, 1+1=1. HyunA and Dawn both departed P Nation in August 2020.


Ping Pong, the title tune, earned worldwide acclaim, with individuals trending on the hook steps on TikTok and other social media platforms. In February, the pair tweeted images of themselves wearing couple/engagement rings, fueling speculation that they were engaged. Unfortunately, after six years together, the two decided to split up.

The Ping Pong crooners have always been upfront about their romance and enjoyed updating fans on social media with photographs and videos. When they first met, the pair had two matching tattoos: a LIFE tattoo and one of the Korean ages. The reason for their breakup has not been disclosed, but some fans assume it was because the Bubble Pop! singer was not prepared for a wedding, while DAWN was.


Fans are dissatisfied with the split of the K-pop pair

Fans are devastated by the news and have already flooded Twitter with kind messages. Although fans are upset by the news of the K-pop couple’s breakup, they also wish them happiness after the decision.

“The breakup of Hyuna and Dawn is truly quite sad since they both gave up A LOT to be together and it’s been so long that I hope this isn’t too devastating for the two of them.”

Some admirers are still unable to process the news and wish it were false. Many people looked up to the former pair as they battled for their love and bravely left their label to be together. Because of their strong connection and romantic gestures, several admirers dubbed the pair a “power couple.”

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