Hwang Min-hyun Will Be Cast As The Main Lead In Upcoming Drama “Useless Lies”

Hwang Min-hyun, a South Korean actor and musician, is allegedly going to co-star with actress Kim So-Hyun in the upcoming Mystery Romance drama Useless Lies. The actor’s agency, PLEDIS Entertainment, stated on November 28 that he would star in the new drama, which is planned to air in 2023. Previously, it was announced that actress Kim So-hyun will portray the female protagonist in the forthcoming drama Useless Lies. Hwang Min-Hyun will portray Kim Do-ha, while the actress will play Mok Sol-hee. The story of Kim Do-ha and Mok Sol-hee in the drama Useless Lies will be uncommon and connected.

The character of Hwang Min-Hyun After meeting Mok Sol-hee, Kim Do-ha want to ‘life anew.’

Hwang Min-hyun

The storyline of the play Useless Lies is aptly described by its title. In the drama, Kim So-character Hyun’s Mok Sol-hee possesses the uncanny ability to hear falsehoods. When she encounters a murder suspect called Kim Do-ha, whom no one believes, she immediately recognizes that he is innocent because of her ability to detect and hear falsehoods. In the drama, Hwang Min-Hyun will portray Kim Do-ha, a man wrongfully convicted of murder. He used to be one of South Korea’s most well-known and accomplished composers and music producers, but after the sad tragedy, all he wants to do is a retreat from society.


When Kim Do-ha meets Mok Sol-hee, however, everything changes, and both characters fall in love. Kim Do-ha eventually regains his desire to live as the two become closer. Hwang Min-Hyun has lately been in dramas like Live On and Alchemy of Souls, and fans are excited to see him in Season 2 of Alchemy of Souls. Kim So-hyun has featured in a number of popular dramas, including Love Alarm, River Were the Moon Rises, Radio Romance, and many more. She is presently shooting her forthcoming drama Is It Fate? with Chae Jong-hyeop.

Hwang Min-hyun

Fans are excited about Hwang Min-next Hyun’s drama.

Fans are overjoyed since it would be the actor’s third drama as the protagonist. They are also blown away by the couple’s chemistry and can’t wait to see them together. Fans are hoping that the performers’ characters would be neighbors so they might watch some amusing squabbles. Both actors have been named as presenters for the 2022 MAMA Awards, which will be held in Japan from November 29 to November 30, 2022.

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