How Rich Is TJ Holmes? Net Worth, Career, Salary

TJ Holmes, the anchor of Good Morning America, has made headlines with the revelation of his alleged romance with co-host Amy Robach. The Daily Mail released images of Amy Robach and TJ Holmes in November, sparking rumors of an extramarital romance. Robach and Holmes, whose net worth is reported to be approximately $3 million, were seen becoming fairly personal with one other.

The co-anchors were seen together at a New York pub and holding hands in the backseat of a vehicle. TJ Holmes was obviously stroking Amy’s back in an intimate way in a brief video released of TJ and Amy on a vacation through upstate New York. When the producers of Good Morning America learned about their romance, they were taken aback. According to a staff member, the two have a nice and cordial connection on air since they are expected to act friendly in front of the camera. However, the two are said to have been extremely diligent in concealing their alleged romance, as no one seemed to know about it.

According to People magazine, TJ and Amy divorced their respective husbands before implicitly confirming their dating rumors. Amy married actor Andrew Shue in 2010, and TJ married immigration lawyer Marilee Fiebig the same year. While both of their marriages dissolved in August, their romance is alleged to have begun in March 2022. Netizens have expressed their displeasure with the situation, accusing the two of cheating on their husbands.

The day after the alleged affair became public, Page Six stated that Holmes and Robach arrived at the GMA and behaved as if nothing had occurred. According to a source, the purported pair claims that they did not begin a love connection until after they divorced their wives. The insider went on to say,

“They’re in a relationship, and they’re content.” They’re both divorced from their husbands, and they’re two consenting adults with the freedom to do anything they want.”

TJ Holmes’s professional path

TJ Holmes, who is from Arkansas, graduated from the University of Arkansas with a degree in broadcast journalism. He started his career at Joplin’s KSNF Channel 16. However, in 2000, he returned to Arkansas and began working as a general assignment reporter for CBS station KTHV. Later, he was appointed to the position of the weekend anchor.

TJ Holmes

Holmes’ second position was as the anchor for the 5 p.m. nightly news at KNTV in San Francisco. TJ joined CNN in 2006, which marked the beginning of his future stardom and popularity. On Saturday and Sunday, he was a CNN journalist as well as a co-anchor with Betty Nguyen. TJ secured a multi-platform partnership with BET Networks in 2011, where he presented Don’t Sleep in 2012. When the program was canceled the next year, he quit the network. TJ Holmes temporarily served as a replacement anchor for MSNBC before returning to CNN in 2013. TJ then joined ABC News in 2014.

In December 2014, he has named a permanent co-host of World News Now before joining GMA in September 2020. TJ has interviewed prominent personalities in the entertainment sector as well as covered a wide spectrum of issues that made the news. TJ Holmes also covered big international events such as Chadwick Boseman’s death, the COVID-19 epidemic, and its influence on sports, among other things.

TJ Holmes

People are speculating that now that TJ and Amy’s affair has been revealed, they will face some type of relegation from the network, if not the entire termination of their employment. Because it seems that they have violated a business policy. However, as of this writing, there has been no reaction from GMA’s station, ABC.

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