How Rich Is Dawn Lyn? Net Worth, Career, Salary

Dawn Lyn, a popular child actress, and My Three Sons star is presently in a coma after brain surgery. Lynn’s My Three Sons co-stars, Stanley Livingston and Tina Cole, announced the news on social media, claiming that she is struggling for her life. Last week, Livingston said on Facebook,

“I’ve just learned that my little TV Sis’, Dawn Lyn (Dodie), is in a coma and struggling for her life.” She just had surgery to remove a brain tumor. Please pray for her quick and complete recovery.”

Stanley added that they “had a terrific time reminiscing about our MTS days” when he took Dawn Lyn out to lunch a few weeks earlier. Livingston went on to claim that Lyn is “one of the kindest people” he has ever met. He said in another post that she is unconscious and suffering from meningitis. He continued,

“Her vital signs and brain waves are normal. Doctors and nurses are working hard to combat the bacterial illness. They are upbeat.”

Dawn Lyn

Tina Cole also posted on social media about Lyn’s surgery and coma. Leif Garrett, Lyn’s brother, told TMZ that his sister never wanted anybody to know about the procedure. He said that since it is already on social media, he would appreciate everyone’s understanding as they are going through a tough period as a result of the death of their parents and cousin.

Dawn Lyn’s net worth

Dawn Lyn is a former child actor who starred in a variety of TV episodes and films between the ages of 4 and 15. She rose to prominence as Dodie Douglas in the famous comedy My Three Sons. The 59-year-old net’s worth is estimated to be approximately $10 million by as of November 2022.

Lyn’s acting career started in 1970 with the western picture Cry Blood, Apache. She was four years old at the time, and she only found out many years later that she played a male in the film. In 1969, she was cast as Prudence Everett in the pilot episode of the ABC comedy Nanny and the Professor.

Dawn Lyn In “My Three Sons”  As Dodie Douglas

Dawn Lyn rose to prominence as Dodie Douglas in the three-season comedy My Three Sons. She went on to appear on various television programs such as Adam-12, Emergency!, Marcus Welby, Gunsmoke, and others. She had a significant part in the 1971 American western picture Shoot Out.

Dawn Lyn

Dawn tried out for the part of Regan in the 1973 supernatural horror film The Exorcist, but she was too young. She has also been featured in two more television programs, Born Free and The Red Hand Gang. Dawn portrayed Moe in the horror thriller Devil Time Five in 1974, and her last onscreen appearance was in a 1978 episode of the superhero television series Wonder Woman. She lived on Avalon, Catalina Island, from 1997 to 2006, and was a member of the Avalon Community Theater Radio Troupe.

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