How old is Moana? Disney Princesses Age Revealed

Disney princesses have been a staple in entertainment since Walt Disney Pictures released Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937. The Disney princess trademark is so popular that even characters like Elsa and Anna, who both become Queens of Arendelle in Frozen and Frozen II, and Moana, who does not consider herself a princess at all, are considered princesses by fans.

Because these characters are so well-known, fans may be curious about the ages of the Disney princesses. For those who are curious, here is the age of each princess in her respective Disney film.

Moana Wiki

Moana is the main character in Disney’s 2016 animated feature film of the same name. Moana, the daughter of Chief Tui and Sina, was born on the island village of Motunui with an inherited love of the seas and voyaging.
When her island is threatened by life-threatening darkness, the ocean chooses Moana to travel across the sea and save the world—with the help of the shape-shifting demigod Maui. Moana is the twelfth official Disney Princess in the series.

Moana Age And Physical Appearance

Moana is 16 years old, She has a slender yet muscular build that distinguishes her from previous Disney princesses and heroines. Her eyes are brown, and she has thick brows, full brownish-pink lips, and long, wavy black hair. Moana usually wears her hair down, only occasionally tying it in a top bun while sailing.

All of Moana’s outfits are made from Tapa, Pandanus, leaves, feathers, and other natural resources found on Motunui. Her regular outfit consists of a crop top made of red Tapa with a layered style and seashells along the perimeter.

Moana apperance
Moana apperance

She wears a red sash made of the same material as her skirt, which is made of shredded Pandanas and layered Tapa and has a slit for mobility on her journey. She wears a lei made of green leaves and pink flowers when leading on Motunui. Following Gramma Tala’s death, Moana wears her blue necklace, which contains Te Fiti’s heart.

Moana also wears a Samoan-inspired ceremonial dress with a red Tapa top and skirt adorned with red tassels, a white Pandanus collar, skirt, and belt, red-feathered arm cuffs, and green leaf bracelets, both with white seashells around the edge.

The outfit is completed with a traditional Samoan headdress made of shredded red Pandanus, white feathers, seashells, and other natural items found throughout Motunui.

Moana’s final outfit in the film is her voyager dress, which she wears in the epilogue. Moana’s voyager dress is made of fresh leaves and plants, as opposed to her previous outfits, which were all made of dried materials.

Moana’s top is made of bright red leaves to represent her new position as Chief of Motunui. Her belt is made of red Tapa, with a panel of green leaves cascading down the layers of shredded Pandanus skirt. Moana is decked out in a lei made of red and green leaves encrusted with white flowers, as well as a leaf cuff on her left arm and right ankle.

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