How Old Is Cuto Guadalupe’s Wife? Wikipedia And Age

The fans frequently inquire about Wikipedia, Charlene Castro edad, and Cuto Guadalupe’s wife. Let’s find out everything there is to know about Guadalupe’s marriage.

Most people know Charlene Castro as the spouse of Cuto Guadalupe, a retired football player also known as Luis Guadalupe. Additionally, Charlene’s marriage helped her become quite famous.

Since Charlene is earning all the popularity of her husband, Luis, there isn’t much to say about her. He used to play football and is now situated in Peru. Cuto spent the majority of his playing career at Lima, Peru’s Universitario de Deportes club as a central defender for his squad.

How old is Cuto Guadalupe’s wife?

Following the recent revelation of her relationship, there has been a significant increase in internet searches for Charlene Castro’s age. Her birth information hasn’t been disclosed to the press, thus her age is still unclear.

Similar to how little is known about her early years, her family’s identity is still a mystery. Additionally, Charlene gained attention once it was revealed that she was Cuto, a well-known footballer born on April 3, 1976, lover. Cuto will be 47 years old in 2023. He was born in Chincha Alta, Peru, as well. Cuto is therefore a Peruvian citizen. His full name is Luis Alberto Guadalupe Rivadeneyra, although he goes by the nickname “Cuto.”

Cuto Guadalupe
Cuto Guadalupe

Charlene Castro Wikipedia

People on social media are curious to learn more about Charlene Castro’s career after hearing about her connection. It is unclear what she is doing, though. She may have her own firm, but because the information is unreliable, no media outlets have reported on it. It is even more difficult to learn about Charlene’s personal and professional history because we are unable to locate her on any social media platforms.

Regarding her partner, Cuto is a former football player. Cuto played for a number of teams throughout his professional career, including Universitario, Independiente, KV Mechelen, León de Huánuco, Juan Aurich, and Universidad César Vallejo.

Cuto was selected for the Peru national team in addition to playing for clubs. In 16 games, he played for Peru’s senior team, although he failed to register a goal.

Prior to that, he also played for the U-23 squad, making three appearances and tallying one goal. He has also stopped playing professional football, despite having previously retired. He was appointed by the club and started working as Julio César Uribe’s technical assistant in September 2017. Fans are also curious in his personal life. In light of this, the following details his connection with Charlene.

Relationship between Cuto Guadalupe and Charlene Castro examined

Cuto Guadalupe and Charlene Castro have been together for a long time and have declared their marriage. There aren’t many specifics available, though, about their wedding. They reportedly started dating after Cuto divorced his first wife, Giselle Zapata, according to Info Bae. Additionally, Cuto and Charlene have been living together for a little over ten years. In addition, Charlene has never spoken with the media directly, and the retired player hasn’t spoken much about her in public.

Cuto Guadalupe
Cuto Guadalupe

Charlene made her first appearance on television in 2016 on the Gisela Valcárcel show. Cuto revealed in an interview that he aspires to wed Charlene. It is evident from this that they are in a romantic relationship rather than married. Their union has drawn attention because Charlene was supposedly seen with Luis Ticona while being unfaithful to Cuto.

After then, Cuto gave statements on the ampay that Magaly Medina had described. Additionally, when Cuto revealed his split from his ex-partner and the children’s mother, the news surprised everyone. When it turned out that the man Charlene was caught leaving a hotel with was not Cuto, everyone was astonished by the revelation. Additionally, Cuto has already discussed this subject, and we can also keep up with him on Instagram by following him as @cutoguadalupe16.

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